Child of LightChapter 51-1
ActionDramaMartial Arts

Zhang Gong decides to learn light magic, a magic few show interest in and eventually becomes the legendary Grand Magister. While trying to end the continent's east and west separation in order to unite all of the different races, he becomes every rac

Classroom Of The EliteChapter 60

Kodo Ikusei Senior High School, a leading prestigious school with state-of-the-art facilities where nearly 100% of students go on to university or find employment. The students there have the freedom to wear any hairstyle and bring any personal effec

Close as Neighborschapter 43

Theo has always been close with his next door neighbors, the Min sisters.But what happens if they decide to get even closer?

Contract Wife Runs away from the CEOChapter 443

Her best friend's planned a meticulous plan to schemed her. Her first time was snatched away by a cold demonic President. Her first love that once loved was also ruined. He threw down a marriage contract, ignoring her resistance and declare his posse

Coiling DragonChapter 216

Linley is a young noble of a declining, once-powerful clan which once dominated the world. He has large aspirations and wants to save his clan. Linley's journey begins with an accident when he discovers a ring. He took a liking to this ring, which ha

Cheat Yakushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukurou DrugstoreChapter 35

One day, a corporate slave, Reiji, suddenly got transported to another world. He made the best of his skills to make better potions which earned him lots of money and with that money, made a drugstore! An Elf who has trouble aiming with his bow? Give

Craft Game no Nouryoku de Isekai Kouryaku!!Chapter 17

Kosuke found him self in a whole different world. WHAT? Standing there with the wilderness to the east and a forest to his left, he decided to make good use of the occurrence, and tests his knowledge, to where he finds this amazing crafting ability,

Cultivation Chat Group ComicsChapter 367
ActionComedyMartial Arts

On a certain day, Song Shuhang accidentally joined a deeply afflicted Xianxia chuunibyou(Year 2 middle school disease) chat group, the group members inside all address each other as fellow daoist'. Their contact cards are all either Sect Master, Cave

Cinderella Wasn’t Me ManhwaChapter 50

People called Terryl Cinderella.'It was meant to be a charming nickname for her, who was a mere Baron's daughter before falling in love with the second son of a Marquis.However one day, he abruptly bid adieu, leaving Terryl wounded by her lover's bet

Circle Zero’s Otherworldly Hero Business :Rechapter 73

The protagonist, an egocentric man who's led a successful life as the CEO of a company in modern society is murdered and reborn as a beautiful lady named Paril Hall Mcgryued from a noble family in a fantasy world. Once he wakes up, (now in the body o

Call of the SpearChapter 64

San-gun, the owner of the mountain, was reborn as a tiger and became a spiritual creature. A girl visits San-gun, who lived in peace, and says she will serve him. San-gun tries to drive her out, but she has nowhere to go back. San-gun finally decided

Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers GoddessChapter 19

After his class gets buried alive on their way back from a school trip, 18 year old Makoto Takatsuki and class get transported to another world. Unlike the rest of his classmates who gained powerful abilities, Makoto barely gains any power. "This oth

Cheat Skill Chapter 15

Licht, a young man who has the special ability, "Resurrection," makes his living as a member of an S-Rank Adventurer's Party. However, the king, who feared his power, ordered his comrades to betray him, and in the end, executed him in an unfair manne

CEO Above, Me BelowChapter 528

Do you want to steal my genes then leave?? He grabbed her and tried to force her to hand over the child that was born three years ago.She never had a baby? Then conceive one!The delusional CEO's desperate love. Her inability to resist as she fell dee

Cultivation Return on Campus ComicsChapter 256

She is the most powerful person in the fairy world, she really has no emotions. Get off the golden dragon when it rises, the white tiger becomes a cat, Suzaku flies, sleeps for nine days mysterious girl, dances at Lingxiaobao Temple, now returns to t

CursorChapter 47

Cursor (??) is a Korean webtoon series written by Kim and illustrated by Sqt. It is published weekly on Lezhin. After a man suddenly starts seeing a cursor, he follows it on a journey that will lead him along a perfect path.

Corporal Punishment TeacherChapter 13

The weakest student who receives special night-time self-study from Choi Kang-in, a corporal punishment teacher assigned to Cheoni High School to correct the broken school authority and system. The thrilling countertransference of the weak student an

Crimson KarmaChapter 118

Kasiya Del Roman is a soldier crafted to become an assassin. She lost her human emotions long ago and lived her life as a simple tool, just to be thrown away in her final moments. She couldn't even die a proper death as she opened her eyes to a battl

Choose Your Real Father From the Following TyrantsChapter 51

Dr. Jaehee Cheon, who lost her parents at early age and can't remember their face, who has lived without a single friend, let alone a lover, reincarnated as the unlucky princess in a novel that dies at the age of twelve!If we can't find the princess'

Carrier Falcon PrincessChapter 38

A Kingdom under war.The 8th Princess of Roymonde, Zelleine, escaped in time amidst the chaosbut she woke up in a bird's body instead of a princess's?Gweeckkk'What is this? What is this animal's sound?Even worse, the bird she was "transmigrated" into

Cling To Me (Please Be Obsessed With Me)Chapter 32

Read manhwa Cling To Me/ Please Be Obsessed With Me/ Obsessed Over Me / Arabella is a forgotten princess who vomits blood as she moves.A rebellion took place against the oppression of the royal family.Return after being killed.She discovers that the

Chou onna kirai na ore ga isekai no joshi-ko ni ryugaku suru koto ni natta – serializationchapter 17

your typcal isekai-harem manga author

Cavier Falcon PrincessChapter 43

Zelle, the eighth royal princess of Roymonde, who was driven to the brink of defeat in the war. She was kidnapped by the enemy, and when she woke up... She became a bird?! Fortunately or unfortunately, as the messenger bird of Commander-in-Chief, Val

Cheating Men Must DieChapter 311

One moment oppressing scum yields a moment of satisfaction. Continuously oppressing scum yields continuous satisfaction. Our female main lead, Su Lxia is bound to the Female Lead Counterattack System and transmigrates to several small worlds. Using e

Cruel LoveChapter 150

Heartless CEO x Gentle Pianist!Wen Niannan's three years of dedication were rewarded with a cold stare and a body full of scars. When he looked at the broken ring in his hand, the obsession in his heart was broken"Gu Yanshengyou want me to leave? Fin

Chouetsu-sha To Natta Ossan wa My Pace ni Isekai wo Sansaku SuruChapter 5

Hiroshi Yamada (42 years old), a dull salaryman was chosen to be a brave warrior which should have been limited to young people. He was suddenly sent to another world. As a promised gift of his summoning, Hiroshi was given three strong skills by God:

Cultivator from the futureChapter 127
ActionMartial Arts

About Cultivator from the future ManhuaAlien technology, human martial arts, collision and confrontation of two worlds. The pinnacle of the strong, the alien fiasco, reborn high school era! In this life, Tang Ming decided to rise strongly and protect

CrowdChapter 11

Not Provided

Come Out, RomeoChapter 75

Romeo Montague, a boy thrown into the attic with disgust after an accident five years ago. Although the world knew him as a boy unable to move due to a horrid afflicted illness, he lived a happy and fruitful life as a hermit in the attic. Only his co

Catastrophe of the Neighboring TownChapter 18

A catastrophe struck the town on May 28, 10:12 A.M. At that moment, the sky and the ground inverted.

Can I be loving towards my wife who wants to do all kinds of things?Chapter 9

There's the flower of Takamine which every boy admires, Hanae Riko.Than, there's the plain boy who got proposed to by that most beautiful girl in school, Niiyama Minato.Without knowing what's happening, the curtains on these two's newlywed life rises

Cinderella Found Her PrinceChapter 36

My little sister and I looked up at a high-rise apartment building, touching the clouds like a castle would. Even if there was a princess living in there, it didn't have anything to do with us, merely an unreachable existence---Or so we thought. With

Class Teni De Ore Dake Haburaretara, Doukyuu Harem Tsukuru Koto Ni ShitaChapter 18

When Kirishima Ran and his classmates were transported to another world they each received an ability. However the ability he received, [Sexual Lunatic], has caused nothing but trouble for him. His ability allows him to make any girl he comes in cont

Clevatess - Maju no O to Akago to Kabane no YushaChapter 7

It killed the heroes, killed the king, the devil beast then found the "baby of fate"Having both superior intellect and destructive power, such is Clevatess, the king of the devil beasts.Angered by the 13 heroes tasked to take his life, he decided to

Choujin XChapter 21

The latest from Sui Ishida! Superpowered choujin battle action!!Same Author Tokyo Ghoul

Call SignChapter 8

There are also altruistic people in a selfish world. ""There is nothing more precious than human life Right?" "Of course. But do you know what it means to save a person?" "What are you trying to say?" Team leader Lee Chaeyoung smiled when Taegun tilt

Circumstances Of (Temporary) A Bride~ Get Divorced to Get Rich!~Chapter 9

Ferdia, a girl from the orphanage, is a working woman with 29 jobs. One day she was asked to marry the prince of the enemy country Erland, Poison Dragon Prince Crow, Clovis Kurwach Erland?! In addition, the mission given to Ferdia is "peaceful"divorc

Can Even a Mob Highschooler Like Me Be a Normie If I Become an Adventurer?Chapter 5

Dungeons, and along with them monsters and related disasters, started appearing in the modern world decades ago. With this brought many changes, the biggest one being adventurers and the monster cards they use to summon summons to fight and conquer d

Cutting taxes with sword and magicChapter 7

Not Provided

City Immortal Emperor : Dragon King TempleChapter 127

City of the HungryChapter 16

What has a vampire who just woke up from a long sleep encountered A zombie?!

Concentration of MaliceChapter 31

not found

Chou Onna Kirai na Ore ga Isekai no Joshikou ni Ryuugaku Suru Koto ni NattaChapter 17

not your typical isekai-harem manga

Charming and the BeastChapter 74

Something's wrong; It's like I've been possessed. Something weird has happened. Hair - fur? - has grown. My size has greatly increased too. Everyone who sees me looks terrified. I've become a beast. Why?The Beau and the Beast

Crows like Shiny ThingsChapter 55

The war is over. The one who cut the neck of the Norkans' leader, who antagonized the great empire for 37 years, was a young woman. Her name is Saharan Illoud, the leader of the 128th Knights' Division. She was summoned by the emperor and goes to the

Country of the Crimson MoonChapter 15

The absolute organization "Red Moon", which mobilizes members with the power of glia, a kind of superpower, makes even the president kneel! This country has already become the Country of the Red Moon'. The government was looking for a way to destroy

Chunqing Yatou HuolalaChapter 479

After a night of drinking, Luo Yao Yao is sexually assaulted by the boss of the Imperial Dragon gang, Yu Ao Tian. They are interrupted by gang member and she is able to escape. Two years later, she's the elevator lady at China's number one business.

Charlotte Has Five DisciplesChapter 127

Charlotte Eleanor is an Archmage that once saved the world. Using her magic to die, she instead, reverses the age of her body of a young child and starts a second life as Aria Lissen. She had a fulfilling life in her first lifetime, except for one ti