The Boy Who Had Been Continuously Burned by the Fires of Hell. Revived, he becomes the strongest flame user.Chapter 22

"Hellfire" once sealed unquenchable fire, whose fierce flames can burn the entire world to the ground. Flare is an ordinary guy who lives in a border village and is sacrificed to an out-of-control fire. Experiencing inhuman torments in the hellfire,

The Irregular of the Royal Academy of MagicChapter 54

A Manga adaptation of the Light Novel "The Irregular of the Royal Academy of Magic", serialized in Weekly Young Jump."Magic." A sacred mystery usable only by those chosen. One day, a child from the slums named Ars finds he has the power to use magic.

Lord Kagetoki’s Crimson ConsortChapter 1.4

Lord Kagetoki's Crimson Consort manga, Kagetoki-sama no Kurenai Koukyuu Lord Kagetoki's Crimson HaremHaunted by death and rumored to be a "Death Goddess," Kito Tsutsuji falls off a building because of a man who believed those same rumors and resente

Karate Survivor in Another WorldChapter 27
ActionDramaMartial Arts

If you're reincarnated in another world, you will be naked and alone in the forest. The only things you can rely on without magic or cheats is your wits and fists!

An S-ranked Party’s Burden Tamer, I Awoke My True Power by Having My Familiar Killed ~The Exiled Tamer is Actually the Only Necromancer in the World. Unknowingly Becoming the Strongest While Enjoying this Excess Power~Chapter 7-1

Recon, mapping, carrying baggage, cooking, keeping watch, taking blows even while doing all these things, the tamer, Randall, is called a burden and useless by his party members. This S-ranked party is filled with genius magicians, excellent swordsme

The Healer who Was Banished From His Party, Is, In Fact, The StrongestChapter 22.3

A healer gets booted from his party because the leader notices he isn't really contributing much to the team. Soon enough, the healer must look for new members to party with. After finding a cute martial artist to work together with, he reveals his s

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 22

"Will you be summoned to the world of a never-ending game?" One day, I was looking for a new game, when I suddenly saw that ad. After choosing the most difficult mode of the game, "hell mode", I was suddenly reincarnated into a new world as a farmhan

A Sword Master Childhood Friend Power Harassed Me Harshly, So I Broke Off Our Relationship And Make A Fresh Start At The Frontier As A Magic Swordsman.Chapter 13

The power harassment from Alfine a girlfriend and childhood friend, who are the same age, grew up together, and became adventurer together, is painful.A peerless beauty, a person with the title Sword Master and called the Flawless Sword Goddess, a c

The Otherworldly Infection Story that Started with a Virus ReincarnationChapter 14

I was supposed to be dead, but when I woke up, I was a rat! or, more accurately, I became a virus-infested rat!! The more I infect, the more bodies and skills I get! I'm going to cause a pandemic in this other world!

I Was the Weakest of the Four Heavenly Kings. Since I Have Reincarnated, I Want to Lead a Peaceful LifeChapter 11

Ranga was an ogre. However, he was also a strong ogre. Strong enough that he became one of the four most elite demons in the whole land. And, as with many other stories, his comrades betray him. Upon his death, he reincarnates as a normal human. Now,

Hero in white coatchapter 6.2

Tenchi Kaito is a rare genius scientist. When he wakes up one day, he has been transferred to another world. Kaito obtains a rare magic called "Creation" that allows him to create things he once saw. With the help of a female mercenary, Kaito lives w

Ori of the Dragon Chain – “Heart” in the mindChapter 15

The solminati academy is a prestigious school that harbors the dreams and hopes of ambitious students. Our story resolves a young man named Nozomu Bountis who entered the school for his lover's dream. As time went on, his powers deadlocked and could


In this world, when you turn 12, God gives you "talent" While everyone else was given the cool "talents" of [swordsman] and Witch, the talent that the main character Rivele received was [effort] that nobody had ever heard of !? Overwhelming [effort]

The Keeper Wants to Build a Zoo in Another World, so He Tames Monsterschapter 6

A story about a man who wants to make a zoo full of mythological creatures in isekai.

OttomanChapter 14

While bearing his aspiration of becoming a manga artist, Souya lives out his monotonous days being hounded by work as a salaryman. As he thinks about his unparalleled wife, Yuuka, who supports him to be the best that he can be, Souya meets an untimel

Tensei Inja wa HokusoemuChapter 9

An ordinary Japanese boy dies and gets sent to another world, where he is given incredible power by an omnipotent god and decides to use it to purchase slaves and create a harem.


A story about a little summoner girl that accidentally summons a shark from another world as her pet that has all of the powers seen in shark movies in the modern world.

Misunderstanding of the poor daughter Saint Lady ~If you worked hard for money, you could have a royal harem!?~Chapter 10.2

Even though she is a baron, she is an adventurer!? Then she died in the dungeon! When I woke up, a new life was waiting for me! Is she a saint, or a misunderstanding- Sophia's splendid (?) Saint Adventure Tan, which can't be beaten later, has finally

Ester de Valoniachapter 10.1

The king of the strongest demon nation, "Ester de Valonia," is a weak human?! Charon is a player who reigns over the strongest nation, Ester de Valonia, in the VRMMOSLG game, "Apocaryspha". After a certain maintenance issue, he finds himself another

Starting from zero in Doomsdaychapter 28
ActionHorrorMartial ArtsRomance

When the doomsday arrives, and the world gets dragged into chaos, zombies and monsters start appearing. The Earth gets turned into a game, humans become the lowest in the food pyramid, the prey for all superior beings. After struggling in the doomsda

Chou onna kirai na ore ga isekai no joshi-ko ni ryugaku suru koto ni natta – serializationchapter 17

your typcal isekai-harem manga author

Ramia – Hero & Demon Lord ChroniclesChapter 7.2

The fantasy tale of the eccentric and mysterious Hero Ramia, and the demons opposing her

Rinjin-chan ga ShinpaiChapter 75

Wistoria's Wand and SwordChapter 7

To fulfill his childhood promise, the boy aims at the top of the magical world with his sword in hand. There is only one way for him, who has no magical power, to reach the supreme peak...

Sword, Tiara and High HeelsChapter 11

The kingdom's hero, Ortus (), dies in battle after failing to fulfil a promise he made to protect the kingdom for the rest of his life. When he wakes up, he finds that he has been reincarnated as Seretina, the duke's daughter!Even though she's a love

BAKUENchapter 12
ActionMartial Arts

The manga takes place in a world where everyday life has suddenly crumbled away. In front of a young girl who is only waiting for death in this ruined world, a lone young man descends from an empty sky.

Skull Dragon's Precious DaughterChapter 6


IceChapter 26

form ice at her fingertips, she's seen as a dangerous witch that must be executed. But as Ravenna escapes the Imperial Guards that want her head, she hears of an ancient dragon with the ability to breathe not fire, but ice. Hopeful, she seeks out thi

Over the MoonChapter 5

When the blue moon rises in the sky, don't get hit by the moonlight, or elseShould the moonlight touch you, you will become a monster.Two weeks after an incident on a bus, Jangmin receives a warning from his phone: "Direct moonlight will cause sympto

Supreme exorcistChapter 37
ActionMartial ArtsSupernatural

Protagonist Bai Ziyue transmigrates into a world full of humans, demons, monsters, and gods, where he discovers that he can utilize an accessorized system to raise his body's stats. He explores various forms of martial arts and techniques, masters cu

The Hunters Guild: Red HoodChapter 18

Unique art captures the unfolding battle between hunters and werewolves. Who will win this battle to the death, man or beast? This grim fantasy tale with tons of style begins the hunt in Shonen Jump!

Kuroneko to Majo no KyoushitsuChapter 7

The Black Cat and the Witch Classroom manga, Kuroneko to Majo no KyoushitsuThe Witch Apprentice Spica Vargo can not use magic. I need a master to pass the magic school of longing, but I have no money or connection. At that time, a mysterious black ca

Lord of GoblinsChapter 22

Lord of Goblins manhwa, Corruption. Greed. War. Lev is no stranger to the evils of the world, as he has spent his entire life fighting the predatory system that ensnared the world's population and turned them into puppets for the leaders of humanity.

Yasashi Isekai e Youkosochapter 11

A collection of short stories about different lives in other "gentle" worlds by Ichitomo Kazutomo.These were originally oneshots from the author's twitter and pixiv. Now, they are being collected into volumes.

Yomi no TsugaiChapter 6

Yomi no Tsugai , The manga centers on Yuru, a boy who lives in a remote mountain village, spending his time hunting birds and being one with nature. But one day, Yuru's younger twin sister Asa is called to serve in the jail at the heart of the villag

Mushoku no Tensei – Eris GaidenChapter 3
ActionComedyMartial Arts

Mushoku no Tensei Eris Gaiden manga, , Jobless Reincarnation Eris Gaiden , Eris Boreas Greyrat is a former noble girl, who one day was transported to the other side of the world with her cousin Rudeus. She grew as a swordswoman, but ultimately was

Fukinoshita-san Is SmallChapter 8.5

Fukinoshita-san Is Small Fukinoshita, a well-behaved, palm-sized flower dwarf, is the most popular girl in her school. On the other hand, her childhood friend, Onigashima, who is half oni and half human, is a delinquent and outcast. A lively interspe

Ice (manhwa)Chapter 30

Ice manhwa, Ravenna refuses to meet a bitter end. After waking up with the uncontrollable power to form ice at her fingertips, she's seen as a dangerous witch that must be executed. But as Ravenna escapes the Imperial Guards that want her head, she h

The Black Cat and the Witch ClassroomChapter 7

The Black Cat and the Witch Classroom manga, Kuroneko to Majo no Kyoushitsu The Witch Apprentice Spica Vargo can not use magic. I need a master to pass the magic school of longing, but I have no money or connection. At that time, a mysterious black c

I’m Dating a Monster Who Devoured the Woman I Loved and Replaced HerChapter 8

I'm Dating a Monster Who Devoured the Woman I Loved and Replaced Her manga,

Dropped into Another World… Purification is Basic!Chapter 10

Isekai ni Otosareta Jouka wa Kihon! , Dropped into Another World Purification is Basic!One day, a dull young man from Japan gets caught up in a heroic summoning and goes to another world. The next time he wakes up, he's not in a castle with a king, b

72 Transfigurations of The Earthly DemonsChapter 4
ActionDramaMartial Arts

72 Transfigurations of The Earthly Demons , Li Chang An, the main protagonist of the show has been sent back into an Ancient World by a booklet with a yellow cover. Here, in this world, with each demon he kills, he would obtain a supernatural power.

Wistoria of Wand & SwordChapter 7

Weilai Duan Dian (Future break point)Chapter 89

during the last war , mo feng decide to suicide and die along with the enemies! but he woke up 8 years go , time travelled, he now have the initiative to find out method to win the enemy, can he change the human's life? will they find the method?

Spirit Pet Creation SimulatorChapter 24

Spirit Pet Creation Simulator manhua On that day when meteors streaked across the sky, evil spirits appeared in the human world. When a [Spirit Pet Creation Simulator] binds itself to Ye Qianxing, he begins his journey to the top of the world. So you

Bonkotsu shinpei no monster lifeChapter 3.2

A useless soldier who becomes a monster. But with a good plot.the protagonist is an ordinary soldier from an empire at war who gets used as a guinea pig for genetic engineering experiments, turned into a monster and put into cryosleep.200 years later

Kabushiki Gaisha Magi LumiereChapter 26

Kabushiki Gaisha Magi Lumiere , MagiLumiere Co., Ltd. Kabushiki Gaisha MagiLumiere Manga about a girl who was looking for a job and ended up in a corporation of magical girls fighting monsters.

Yoo Sung WooChapter 4

Yoo Sung Woo , Black Yu Sung-woo manhwa, , Dark Yoo Sung WooThe story of the shadows' who are born with special abilities on the night when the black star arises.