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LarissaSucks big time on  Everlasting Love
Read until chapter 50. I dropped it for multiple reasons. I always read further to give it a chance. 

Would I recommend this? No. Not even as a filler read.

But it might be for you if you love a totally unredeemable ML prove himself (or not) eventually as you wade through unjustness and disappointment. 

I like this trope when it is done well, please understand that. But... The ML Alpha is a di** and this is the unnatractive version, not the hot red flag version. What he does is straight up abuse. Even when he realises what he did, he has near zero character growth or any apologetic bone in his body. The strong and smart Omega is shown as dumb, weak and frustrating. There are many (unrealistic) inconsistencies and the time gaps between plots makes the story lose it's tension.

They were husbands before, but the Alpha divorced his Omega and put them through unwanted mark removal. He considers love not enough of a reason to stay together and craves a "perfect match" and would put his "lover" through surgergy for it as "love will detoriate and pheromones will not". 

So the plot is quite over the place and it had a lot of potential, but they can't keep the ba*** up for all the plot ideas thrown in. I can predict where it goes. I don't want to read more of this unlikeable ML being "redeemed" and forgiven as easily and unrealistic like this
Koja KojyteRocks on  K's Secret
I liked this story, chatacters were fun, art style got better with time and ending was furfilling. I like the sode story a lot!
Day KnightPretty good on  How to Be the Chosen One
the entire story in a few sentences:
A sl**, a bashful king, a psycho priest
the babies ( the golden retriever and risa)
I stan risa cus hes the best fight me.
OhMyYaoiLordRocks on  Boy Meets Maria
a very heartwarming manga. i thought its gonna be 100% fluff, but we have angst on chapter 4 or 5. hiks

TW : SA, r*pe, p3d0

RIP author san. thank you for your work.
xixe_eSucks big time on  The Fake Saintess Bears Tainted Robes
Weak female lead, and the entire plot changes bc she 'forgot she had a cousin that looked just like her' that replaced her. Dropped it at chapter 17. Can't stand this story anymore
LizzyRocks on  My Guildmate Next Door
I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING THIS MANHWA. I don't usually add a review unless the manhwa is complete but this is a must! Btw if u search up the summary then it's awful! Whoever wrote the summary is very bad at writing cause I am loving the manhwa 100% I really love the storyline and art, also the character designs are so gorgeous! The misunderstanding is more cute and funny and not at all frustrating at all. Idk why but the game characters looks like the game characters from "my love story with yamada-kun at lvl 999" and I love it. This manhwa is kinda like a enemies to lovers trope and the slow burn is so satisfying! Basically, the mc ( Yeo-woon lee) likes to play video games and decided to play a new one. Then he meets the ml (Ji-gu yoon). They started off with bad blood and stuff but turns out the ml isn't that bad and a green flag! Everything's just sooooooooooooo engaging. The parts where they meet irl (they don't know each others identify yet) and have some misunderstandings are soo funny. I love the author's humor cause some scenes are so funny that you will brust out laughing. Their relationship is super cute and hilarious! Sometimes you'll get second hand embrassment. I love the communication between them! IM WAITING FOR MORE CHAPTERS!! Anyways , I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! READ IT NOW
childe_loverRocks on  I’m Not That Kind of Talent
TatoPretty good on  Not a Sugar Daddy
Nice story, the art style is so cute and relaxing also it's so simple
Rei_Rocks on  Aijitsu to Hanayome
I really really love the plot! It's different than the other omagaverse mangas/manhwas, too. I'm so gonna recommend this to my best friend!!
I am Kisha NicoleRocks on  HUNTER WORLD'S GARDENER
Super cool😍