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lociMeh on  That Is Needed for a Villainous Aristocrat
The novel was readable but thats all, very less character development if you had read the novel you would have known the author lacks experience.
PdAtglBrokenSucks big time on  Karate Baka Isekai
Man if i sm being honest this is a load of bull from the start man gat transmigrated minister wants to kill him but nothing happens to minnester not only that if a nobel grom a country where to try and kill me i won't support such a country now will i it just doesn't seem right to me
NayamioPretty good on  Surge Looking For You
Good story just not the type of one I'd read (Besides Jinx) Though the Main character aka  Purple hair has the audacity to run away from his problems then goes to back to it but afterwards runs away Luckily he stopped doing that which made the story even better I mean people Were celebrating when the Lovers decided they're gonna finally Stick together I mean what took you so long?! 😭🙏 though good story just some parts can make you cry actually (especially the side story's) Luckily we didn't get a bad ending! (Woo hoo!!)
lociMeh on  The Heavenly Path Is Not Stupid [
was good at start but kinda feels draging now it focuses more on erotic stuff
Sadhna GaikwadRocks on  Fucked by My Best Friend
Need new chapters ASAP!!! It's just tooooo good I don't wanna wait for new chapters😭
lociMeh on  This Martial Saint Is Way Too Generous
Read this if have a of lot time in hand .The girls simply fall for his fake generosity. And the mc is kinda weak most girls he come across dies.
Jullya KimRocks on  Open Board
Simply one more masterpiece of Brothers Without a Tomorrow 💜
ReiRocks on  Nega
PeaceRocks on  Lord of Destiny Wheel

ReiRocks on  Negative-kun & Gyaru Boy
I will actually marry anyone that uses this artstyle, it's so 😍😍