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scopedsin.Sucks big time on  Dark Fall
this is not for people who are sensitive, this contains excessive non-con/dub-con almost every chapter. you can have the right to dislike this, for example;
— MC gets blackmailed into doing the deed (multiple times)
— forced to keep going while doing the deed (even though he pleads NOT to continue)
— unlikeable interests (all of them, no one is safe)
— basically (originally) supposed to be a smvtfest; aka p0**-no-plot type of shi

like if you like, but i'm going to judge if you do. i don't understand how you'll like 50+ chapters of continuous non-con.
SHLSPretty good on  Perfect Propose
Realistic and sweet! I liked it, for a quick read.
14ngelicPretty good on  The Cursed Prince and His Clairvoyant Maid
looks promising, looking forward for future updates
NikoNikoNiSucks big time on  Dark Fall
Just imagine how great this story would have been if - 

- Mc (Leon?) Constantly, continuously and Actively protested against the rapes. Do keep in mind that victims do respond verbally and physically- moan and get wet or c** - even at ra**. Because it's simply a physical reaction. It doesn't make the ra** non-ra** or s** at all. 

- he conspired using blackmails or any means necessary to escape. 

- he escapes, hides, starts a secret life. 

- he actually gets pregnant, preferably with twins. 

- he gives birth and rears up the twins because kids born out of ra** aren't the criminals, they're also victims 

- he makes them into fine a** strong kids. 

- the mom and the twins trio make an army and a reign of their own power 

- the trio attack and defeat the rapists. 

- the rapists are punished the way they deserve. 
Then this would probably be one of the best manhwas ever. Even then, it wouldn't necessarily be a bl. Cus there's no love between boys here. But it'd still be a great story. 
I read the first chapter only. And then I didn't want to read anymore. Thought I'd read it back but then I saw a 3 🌟 review and da**. Read and replied to many reviews. Anyways. Now I'm not gonna read it anymore.
IvernRocks on  I Became the Tyrant’s Translator
"H-hello. I'm Jean, I'm Mr. Ivern's new assistant after the incid-"
"...ah! After Jonathan's... a-amicable departure. I will be translating the review for you, from Mr. Ivern's very words."
"The manga has very good art and character design. Very attractive, overall."
"The writing is great, too. It's able to characterize the couple in a realistic way, and with a tender approach, given their painful backgrounds."
"Of course, the drama is also there. It remains an exciting read, but it's quite a relaxing one too."
"...but he advises you to look for an upload with the official translation. The manga deserves it."
"...he says I should be more precis-"
"H-hey! My mother is a respectable woman!"
"I know what you meant! I'm not ignorant! You meant my mother is akin to a public, open facility in which people pis-"
"...ugh... He... h-he finds the translation gimmick around which the whole story revolves pretty cute. It's not really realistic, maybe even forced, but it's entertaining and he likes it. I mean, since the review form is like this, that's cl..."
"Y-yes, Mr. Ivern, Sir. I will refrain from judging your brilliant stylistic choices. I will. I swear!"
"Overall, he liked it. Especially thanks to Sir Jorge, to whom Mr. Ivern would do unspeakable, lecherous things."
"Also, the pacing has a nice rhythm, the two seasons move along nicely and it uses fast forwards very competently."
"It's a 9 on the Ivern Scale™️."
Fück off.
"W-we should lea-"
I SAID OUT! *throws ashtray*
Disguised PersonRocks on  The Moon Comes to Me
🤩❤️The story line is so good unlike some toxic bls where the top r ba$tard and the bottom r powerless sissy type 💀

The character development is slow but the process is very obvious and satisfying 😌✨
There r many sweet moments......🫠

But but but the backstory if mc is too much heart breaking 😭💔.... At every cost the ml will trust and protect the our talented cutie mc🤗
xoxokiyonninRocks on  Night by the sea
No words needed by far my favorite bl😍
ririRocks on  Maria no Danzai
awesome. and sad too. stop bullying ppl.
DevvRocks on  The ghost that lives in the doll
I came to know about it from an insta reel but it was really cute but a bit sad. It's a one shot story. Hope I'll get to read more about this someday. Enjoyed it❤️🖤
Fuckmewiththosefinge...Pretty good on  Netsuzou Trap - NTR
Gave me multiple mood swings but Idc cause the ending was worth it.