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SamRocks on  Tale of the Yellow Dragon
How can all the stories of this author be so freaking good? The storyline was amazing with a great plot. It had action, romance, thrill everything...I cried through the ending. Totally worth the read!!
SomeonePretty good on  Top-Class Plaything
Not perfect but not bad.
Rosy WriterRocks on  Ramen Aka Neko
So. Flipping. Cute. 
Also the Ramen looks top tier ❤️
The constellation of...Rocks on  I Tied Myself Up
Update please
Fol31Meh on  I Really Don’t Want to Be the First
It's ok but it's annoying that it's censored half the time so it could be censored one part the other part uncensored.
NTRRocks on  My Little Sister Is The Best Masturbation Material
" Died from Confusion "
Anime LoverRocks on  A World Where Everything Definitely Becomes BL vs. The Man Who Definitely Doesn't Want To Be In A BL
This hilarious and have all bl manga plots that I have read till now
yesyeyeswagRocks on  Haikyuu!!
Best thing that ever happened to me
Green_GhostRocks on  Little Mushroom
I loved the novel so much and now that its finally a manhua im screaming in joy!!! The art style is BEAUTIFUL we are so blessed , this is such an under-rated bl many don't don't know about but hopefully it gains popularity<333