Wu dao du zunChapter 460

Ye Ming, the rising star of Family Ye is regarded as a genius among his peer cultivators. But he was schemed by his jealous cousin and the latter cut his meridians, crippled his abilities and hamstrung him ruthlessly. But Ye Ming never gives up becau

Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle ~The Black Mage Who Got Kicked Out of the Hero Party Due to His Unnecessary Debuffs Gets Welcomed by the Top Brass of the Demon King’s Army~Chapter 17

Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle ~The Black Mage Who Got Kicked Out of the Hero Party Due to His Unnecessary Debuffs Gets Welcomed by the Top Brass of the Demon King's Army~

World’s End Haremchapter 85

The Man-Killer Virus: a lethal disease that has eradicated 99.9% of the world's male population. Mizuhara Reito has been in cryogenic sleep for the past five years, leaving behind Tachibana Erisa, the girl of his dreams. When Reito awakens from the d

World Customize CreatorChapter 81

Tagami Yusuke, led by a mysterious voice, is summoned to another world, "Caltsio". He was just a young video-game lover, but Fate decided to make him become the "Evil God of Calamity" of this world, obtaining the ability to create and customize every

When I Woke Up, I Got the Strongest Equipment and a Spaceship, so I Went and Became a Mercenary in Order to Live as I Please while Aiming for a Detached HouseChapter 25.2

When I woke up, I found myself inside a spaceship.I guess you guys think I'm talking nonsense here, but I also have absolutely no clue about what exactly happened to me.I was really close to completely losing it, but fortunately, I managed to notice

World’s End Harem FantasiaChapter 33

The world is attacked by demons and is about to come to an end, only a person can be the hero and save him.The adventure of our protagonist with his harem has begun!!

WorkingChapter 252

Souta Takanashi gets a job at Wagnaria, a local family restaurant. He is "lured" there by a cute girl named Poplar, who looks like she"s 10. However, she is in fact 17, a year older than him! Some of the crazy characters include Satou, the cool chef

White EpicChapter 107
ActionComedyDramaMartial Arts

A long time ago, a hero gathered other heroes and saved the day. There was a prophet who claimed there would be peace for a while - but, then it would get much worse. There would be a Hero and a Villain. Fast forward 500 years later, where we meet a

Watch DogChapter 63

There's only one way to stop the hyenas from going for the big piece of meat. I have to become the king to protect my owner.

Watashi no Hajimete, Kimi ni AgemasuChapter 3.5

A mangaka, bearing the power of a virgin meets a beautiful cosplayer who loves him? When faced with her aggressive attack, can he protect the most important thing to him, his virginity? The real-life beautiful mangaka, Nishizawa 5mm-sensei first seri

Watashi ga Motete DousundaChapter 55

Serinuma Kae is a second-year high schooler, and is an avid fujoshi who secretly ships her classmates, Igarashi-kun and Nanashima-kun. The death of her favorite anime character causes her to become stressed--and loses weight rapidly. Now that Serinum

Wu Ling Sword MasterChapter 229
ActionMartial ArtsSupernatural

The Sword is the victim of a betrayal: the love of his life killed him on their wedding night. However, the will of the heavens is unpredictable. Instead of following his body in death, he finds himself reincarnated in the human world. Let's look at

Wanted Wife In The Globe To LoveChapter 98.2


World Teacher - Isekaishiki Kyouiku AgentChapter 49
ActionComedyDramaMartial Arts

A man who was once called the world strongest agent ended up becoming a teacher after his retirement to train the new generation of agents. After many years of training his disciples, he is killed at the age of 60 by the ploy of a secret organization

Wortenia SenkiChapter 44
ActionComedyDramaMartial Arts

High school student Mikoshiba Ryouma was summoned to a different world in the middle of a war. Sensing the malice from the one who summoned him (a summoner of the O"ltormea empire), he uses his martial arts to run away, killing important people of th

Wolf Guy - Ookami No MonshouChapter 117

Welcome To Luna Shop!Welcome to Luna Shop! Chapter 74

Witch Craft WorksChapter 94

The main character, Takamiya Honoka, is a regular student whose only problem seems to be that he sits next to Kagari, Ayaka, the school#1 beauty. They have never crossed words before, and even a small interaction between them results in her fan club

What's Wrong With You, Duke?Chapter 96

The cruel Duke Dreux of Faucigny is a lovestruck puppy around Nel all thanks to a random magic spell that was cast just as he was about to execute her. But with the spell's power now waning and on the fritz, his shifting moods zip from dramatic prof

Wotaku ni Koi wa MuzukashiiChapter 70

A gaming otaku and a fujoshi reunite for the first time since middle school at work.

Watari-kun no xx ga Houkai SunzenChapter 61

Ever since his parents died, Watari Naolife has revolved around his little sister. He forgoes club activities for the sake of spending time with her, leading many of his peers to label him a siscon. But as long as his sisterhappy, Nao is willing to s

Wizardly TowerChapter 71.5

A powerful grand wizard named, "Raim" reappears after a millennium because of a failed experiment. While sets out to regain his lost tower, he meets "are" and "ere" who have been trafficked as slaves... a combination of a weird grand magician who onl

Wakamono no Kuro Mahou Hanare ga Shinkoku desu ga, Shuushoku shite Mitara Taiguu Iishi, Shachou mo Tsukaima mo Kawaikute Saikou desu!chapter 34

Wakamono no Kuro Mahou Hanare ga Shinkoku desu ga, Shuushoku shite Mitara Taiguu Iishi, Shachou mo Tsukaima mo Kawaikute Saikou desu!

Waafuri WorldChapter 77

The official 4-koma gag series of World Flipper.

When I Was Playing Eroge With Vr, I Was Reincarnated In A Different World, I Will Enslave All The Beautiful Demon Girls ~Crossout Saber~Chapter 15

Take off everything and be enslaved [Tame]!! in a different world filled with fantasy!! I accidentally died while playing a VR compatible game, and now the goddess will reincarnate me into the world of that game with specialized enslavement skill TAM

WatermelonChapter 113

Orphaned at a young age, two stray cat siblings struggle through life to find their place in this world. Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, each sibling must eventually find their own path.

Working Overtime to Destroy the World!Chapter 110

When The Yakuza Falls InloveChapter 64

Min-jun came to Japan to study and also dreaming of a wonderful gay life. A group of black cars surrounds Min-jun as he is about to die after being scammed by his ex-lover. Min-jun's impressive love contract hired as a 'mama' by the Chief Yakuza Daik

What A Wicked BeautyChapter 100

A movie queen from modern world accidentally travelled to be the unwelcome young lady in a noble mansion. They wanted her sacrifice as a pawn in the court fight, but she was no longer a cowardly young lady who would take bullies without fighting back

Watashi no Shounen (TAKANO Hitomi)Chapter 43

Satoko Tawada is an office worker. She's almost 30 years old, but she still hasn't been able to find happiness in her life. Fate brings her with Mashuu Hayami, a beautiful 12-year-old boy whom she finds practicing soccer all by himself in the park. O

Web-Ban Working!!Chapter 111

Webban Working Manga : To help with his family finances, Higashida Daisuke decided to work part-time at a family restaurant. Working there however is a chef with no sense of cooking, a co-worker who solves their problems with money, etc. There is abs

Wild LifeChapter 159

[From Boku-Tachi]: Tesshou is your typical high school delinquent with a special skill. He has a perfect pitch. This skill enables him to hear things most people wouldn't. After saving a small dog, Tesshou realises his calling in life is to become a

WonderlandChapter 56

Humanity wakes up to find that they have all shrunk. Can they survive amidst the hazards that Nature entails? This is the story of young Alice and her protective dog Poco in this new world.

Weakest Little MonsterChapter 39

"Azure" is an online game that has been operating for ten years, and the ten-year-old player who has been in the service has also received a big gift from the game! Just after he clicked on it, he was... He even became the weakest monster in the game

White Throne of Bones ComicsChapter 117

Young Bai accidentally kills someone, from then on he enters the world of killers.A black card appeared in front of the door of pale throne, who can get the ultimate weapon left by the Killer KingNightX, the most successful killer?To kill, to follow

Weak 5000 - Year Old Vegan DragonChapter 23

A 5000-year old vegan dragon was living peacefully when one day a young girl showed up in his cave. She offered herself as a sacrifice in order to gain favor for her village. He played along as the great "Jaryuu-Sama, the Demon Lord's Army Leader" in

Wolhan GangcheonrokChapter 44
ActionComedyDramaMartial Arts

Sowol, a Wudang disciple who's hiding his matchless martial arts skills and living like a loafer, embarks on a journey to the Murim Alliance with his handsome junior disciple, Soha, and benevolent First Brother, Jiseo, on a mission for their master.

Who Made me a PrincessChapter 125

The beautiful Athanasia was killed at the hands of her own biological father, Claude de Alger Obelia, the cold-blooded emperor! It's just a silly bedtime story until one woman wakes up to suddenly find she's become that unfortunate princess! She need

Wakako-ZakeChapter 64

Murasaki Wakako, who is 26 years old, loves going out alone to enjoy eating and drinking, especially when something unpleasant happens at work. This manga follows Wakako through many solitary outings, where she enjoys different combinations of food a

When I Woke Up, I Got the Strongest Equipment and a SpaceshipChapter 13.1


What Happens Inside the DungeonChapter 92

What Happens Inside the Dungeon

WontedChapter 125

In this world ordinary people and people with special abilities coexist with one another. The story beings with an organization filled with secrets and mysteries with the two different species of human.

When I Rescued A Beautiful Girl Who Was About To Be Mol*sted, It Was My Childhood Friend Sitting Next To MeChapter 33

Fushimi Hina is the most universally recognized S-class beauty in the school. She is a childhood friend of Ryo, but they hardly spoke to each other from junior high school, but one thing leads them to talk to each other again.

When I Was Reincarnated In Another World, I Was A Heroine And He Was A HeroChapter 26

When I Was Reincarnated In Another World I Was A Heroine And He Was A Hero Manga : Keito Azumi, an ordinary high school boy, was reincarnated as the heroine in a different world when he woke up in an accident! The worst thing about this is that his b

Wang You Zhi Zui Qiang Lie RenChapter 27

Forty year old disabled veteran, Ye Zhanglin, under the guidance of an eight year old child, came in contact with a gun fighting game call "Gun King". In order to get the grand prize, through multiple days and nights of training, they both reached th

White Angels Have No Restchapter 23

Continuao de White Angels Have No Wings. Onde alguns anos se passaram. E hoje ambas esto adultas e seguindo caminhos opostos, mas o destino fez com que seus caminhos se cruzassem mais uma vez. E desta vez questes no resolvidas do passado retornam que

Wicked Trapper: Hunter of HeroesChapter 19

A young game creator, Echizen Souta spends his day to day life as an employee only to be summoned to another world by a demon king's daughter. After observing the heroes in battle, he realises their sense of justice to be flawed and thus with the rag

Wicked Young Master's Forceful Love: Training the Runaway Wife 2Chapter 28

The daughter of Manning Du and Han Nankung has grown up into a brave girl.

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