Chapter 556
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

Scamming all day, every day, often venturing alone. He bluffs to get the ultimate power in this cultivation world?! world traveler Xue Que doesn't always bluff, but he needs to.Bluffing Master Ultimate Scheming System , Zui Qiang Fan Taolu Xtong , ! ,Strongest Anti M.E.T.A. / Zui Qiang Fan Taolu Xtong Manhua

Chapter 97
AdultComedyManhwaSchool LifeSlice of LifeSmutYaoiFull ColorWebtoons

Every night at 10, Dong-gyun locks himself up in his room, grabs a box of tissues, and watches a live cam boy show hosted by Alex, a BJ (broadcast jockey). Timid Dong-gyun admires not only Alex's ripped body, but his candor in sharing his sexual experiences with viewers. One night, Dong-gyun downs too many drinks at a school networking event and passes out. When he wakes up, he's in bed staring up at a shirtless hunk. A hunk who looks an awful lot like...Alex.

Chapter 34
ActionAdventureComedyecchi 2FantasyHaremIsekai

I drew a lottery at the Shopping District and won the privilege to go to another world. After drawing a lot of balls, unexpectedly I got a cheat-like skill. Silencing those who are noisy and getting hold of all the things that I want. I will satisfy all my desires.

Chapter 320
MangaSchool LifeSeinenSports

Chapter 85
DramaManhwaSmutYaoiFull ColorWebtoons

A university located in a city in the United States. Taehwan and Dojin are friends and housemates. When Taehwan's away to be an exchange student, Taehwan's younger brother, Taehee enters the house and Dojin will be his new housemate. Unlike his height and pretty appearance, Taehee is a hikikomori type otaku, but somehow he seems like he's only being nice to Dojin. On the night of celebrating Taehee's arrival, Dojin wakes up with an unidentified sound, and soon afterwards realizes that the source of this sound is Taehee's groan of masturbating...?!

Chapter 358
ActionAdventureFantasyMagicMartial Arts

Zhuo Yifan was a magic emperor or could be called a demon emperor because he had an ancient emperor's book called the Book of the Nine Secrets, he was targeted by all the experts, and he was even betrayed and killed by his students. Then his soul enters and comes back to life in a family servant boy named Zhuo Fan. Because some demonic magic is holding him back, he must unite the child's memories and cannot ignore the family and the mistress he serves. How can he lead this descending family back to the pinnacle of this continent!Demon Magic Emperor / The Devil Butler

Chapter 300

On the wedding day, her fianc and his lover had a love affair and eloped. Her eyes were dim, she seized the man in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau."To sum it up, your bride is not here, my groom ran off, wouldn't it be better if we fight together?". Before marriage, she said, "Even on the bed, between me and you, there will not be anything!" After the marriage, he said, "Do not try, how do you know?"

Chapter 511
ComedyJoseiRomanceSlice of LifeFull Color

A story of Yumi and her brain cells.

Chapter 69

A man was about to commit suicide and decides to search for a way to die in the internet, but then he found an odd site that asked a lot of questions and had a point based system that allows you to create skills and abilities for a character. He took interest in it and when he finished setting his character he was asked "You will now be transported to a world with the settings you choose, coming back is not possible, do you still accept?", Then without thinking much of it he pressed YES and found himself in another world with the skills and abilities he chose to have.

Chapter 258

Su Xiaobai was on the brink of death, he was brought into a new world. The soul of the strongest evolver "King of Stars" Long Ming now inhabits his body. Therefore, he has acquired an extremely powerful ability : "The Endlessness of Dim". The only drawback is that if Xiaobai ever gets a boner, he will experience severe pain. However, when he will have found the murderer of Long Ming and ascended the throne of Protoss Palace, this weakness will disappear

Chapter 51
ActionAdventureManhuaMartial ArtsRomanceFull ColorWebtoons

Hey adonis, I'm in a hurry, lend me your top! A girl removed an evil king's clothes and escaped right away when he was having martial arts practice. He was the almighty lord of the continent who received worship from millions peoplemysterious, noble, and withdrawn. While she was the king of modern assassins, she tried her best to avoid him as if he were a venomous snake but he was obsessed with her and turned himself into a vine to capture her. She was emotionless, evil, and ruthless; but nothing came before her in his heart and no one was allowed to insult her. He said, "I would consider forgiving those who insult me, but there's no mercy for those who insult her!"

Chapter 479

Pure Girl Chunqing Yatou HuolalaAfter getting drunk, Luo Yao Yao was sexually assaulted by the boss of the Imperial Dragon gangTwo years later, she works as an elevator girl in a large business, and their paths cross once againA hot romance story that started from a heartbreak to a boss-employee romance in colored pagesAfter a night of drinking, she accidentally slept with the insidious Underworld Emperor. What to do? Run! Two years later, she's the elevator lady at China's number one business, but is always harassed by a good-looking colleague

Chapter 139
DramaManhuaRomanceTime Travel

"I will revenge all who wronged me!" Who should have thought a loser as Lin Mu is gain another chance to live? Having been dumped, despised, and killed in his last life, Lin Mu's body was seized by the cultivation master Cang Kunzi. Could Cang be able to change Lin Mu's destiny? Bring it on! When the loser comes back, he swear to take it all!

Chapter 229

Battle soul - a soul that carries great power. Only those who possess a battle soul can use ancient martial arts that have destructive techniques. The Warring States Martial Academy is a mysterious school founded over a thousand years ago for the purpose of receiving and punishing people with battle souls. The protagonist was sent to the Warring States Martial Academy by his parents without any knowledge of the place. What he saw and discovered in the school completely changed his concept of the world and of martial arts. The Warring States Martial Academy has the right to decide the life and death of the martial artists who possess battle souls. Who decides if what the academy does is true justice? In the modern society, are the powerful ancient martial arts a boon or bane for mankind? Please look forward to the development of the story! ; Warring States Martial Arts School

Chapter 477

She lost her virginity to a cold CEO, all because of her "bestie's" carefully designed traps. Gone was her years of love together with her first timeHe threw a marriage contract at her face, regardless of her resist. He's going to tell the whole world, "she's my woman now".

Chapter 112

She, an infamous fool in the capital, a loser in everyone's eyes, is set up by her vicious elder sister and perishes. When she wakes up, a modern girl's soul is reincarnated in her body. From then, she is no longer the pushover but becomes "the avenger". Her vile-hearted sister and heartless fianc must kneel before her and beg for their lives!

Chapter 159

After the modern female killer travelling crossed, she was reborn as a loser in this new world - Sima Youyue, the fifth young master in the generals' residence. As a result, she began the way of grass counterback, collecting all kinds of magical animals and artifacts, and started the adventures to meet with the actors...

Chapter 80

Chapter 120
ActionAdventureComedyFantasyManhwaFull Color

Chapter 98
ManhuaPsychologicalRomanceFull ColorWebtoons

Mo Shiyi is a woman brimming with endless talent, whose dream was to have a stable income, marry a rich and handsome man, and strive to reach the top in life. But who would have expected that before she was reborn, she would love a man to the extent of losing herself, and finally ended up in a tragic fate And so, once Mo Shiyi was reborn, she busied herself with making money and planning her revenge, not even wanting to touch that dishonest person who told her to f*ck off and was actually a big pervert at heart! Only since when did he start chasing after her instead? Mo Shiyi sneered coldly. Sorry, this lady just wants to divorce you!

Chapter 240

English- The 21st Century genius Doctor and Assassin, Suddenly transmigrated into the Third Miss of Duke Residence, but became the infamous ugly and fat cripple? Unbeknownst to all, when her cold eyes open, ten thousands beats submit to her. She steps upon the evil woman and bastard man. She transform into a top ranked summoner and fight everyone in her way whether they are god or devil! As she has fun dealing with the bastards and losing weight, She didn't know that she messed with a two-faced imperial uncle: "Imperial wife is as pretty as a fairy, you guys must keep watch of her closely. All those who comes up to her must be killed!" "Save me! Can I request to return this type of handsome but blinded and clingy husband?My Chubby Princess Consort / My Chubby Princess /

Chapter 325
ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiManhuaMartial ArtsReincarnationRomanceSupernatural

Ling Jian Chen, the master of the God-Emperor , is reborn as a mortal, and he has started an unbeatable life that defeat everyone against him! Genius? Even the God-Emperor is my student. Talking about genius and masters? Even the God-

Chapter 121

The boss falls in love with her overnight?!See how she avenges herself on those who've hurt her and thrives in career.He was a well-known president in the city of Ning, while she was an ordinary employee who concealed her identity. As she never thought of waking up next to her boss, the only thing she could do was to pay her boss off. To her surprise, her boss began asking for "compensation" ever since

Chapter 114

"I was born with a gold spoon in my mouth but I'm being murdered miserably? I'll survive thoroughly and live a long life!" I've been reincarnated as the younger sister of my favorite's novel character who is destined to be poisoned by her step-mother at the age of seventeen. My brother is on an adventure with the heroine so I have to survive by myself. Should we start with survival plans? First, be sure to behave myself around my step-mother and step-sister. Secondly, become close with children of influential families. Third, is Um Getting married? To escape the fate of a miserable death, "I, Adriana, begin to approach the Prince of the Empire, the suspicious Master, and the suspicious Demon!"I Dream of Health, Wealth, and a Long Life / The Goal Is to Become a Gold Spoon so I Need to Be Completely Invulnerable / My Goal Is to Live a Long, Healthy Life as a Golden Spoon / Mogpyoneun geumsujeolo mubyeongjangsuhagiibnida / : / , ! /

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