Fight Class 3Chapter 89
ActionMartial Arts

A world in which Korea is the global capital of combat sports. At Nam-Il High School where the best and most talented students of martial arts reside, Jiu Ji-Tae suddenly finds himself thrust into their midst despite being a total weakling.By neutral

Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!chapter 800

Tomo loves Jun, but she is really boyish (speaks like a boy, is the strongest karateka of her school) and can't get him to think of her as a girl. Read the funny lives of Tomo, her best friend Misuzu and Jun!

Megami no SprinterChapter 38

Takase is almost opposite of his brother weak and not good at school. He recently moved in at his brother's house, who is a married guy. He is placed under an exceptional coach to improve his physical health, and the coach also know as Venus of track

The ClimberChapter 170

From Stiletto Heels: On his first day of transferring to a new high school, a loner named Mori Buntarou, is cajoled by a classmate into climbing the school building. Despite knowing that one misstep could send him spiraling to his death, he moves for

In Another World where Baseball is War, a High School Ace Player will Save a Weak NationChapter 21.2

Tokonatsu Taichi took the summer Koshien by the storm as a sensational ace pitcher, with a full arsenal of pitches including a 98 mph fastball. But on the way home from the game, the team bus suffered a tragic accident and Tokonatsu Taichi lost his l

Haikyuu – Final ArcChapter 402.1

Junior high school pupil Shoyo After viewing a nationwide tournament match on Television, Hinata develops a surprising love of volleyball. Although short tall, he becomes motivated to follow in the footsteps of the tournament's star player, nick-name

Kengan AsuraChapter 236.5
ActionMartial Arts

Since the Edo periods of Japan, gladiator arenas exist in certain areas. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and merchants hire gladiators to fight in unarmed combat where winner takes all. Tokita Ohma, nicknamed "Asura", joins these arenas and

Diamond no AceChapter 412.5

It is a manga of high-school baseball. The main character, who is a pitcher from a country high school, accidentally gets teamed up with a catcher from a school with an elite baseball team. He decides to quit his school to attend the school that this

MurasakiChapter 9

Ichijou Murasaki is a girl with dreams of entering the world of interpretative dance - but she knows she hasn't got the charisma, the fitness, or the commitment to do it. Watching on the sidelines, she eyes her classmate, the naturally brilliant Sumi

Find the WavesChapter 10

Kang Pado is a boy who accompanies his father on their countryside farm; raising cattle, fruits, and vegetables for a living. At the same time, he is studying at the not-so-nearby high school which, travelled by land, is 10km away. However, Pado's fa

The ExtremeChapter 22

Han Siwoo lost one leg when he was young. He was bullied in school and stigmatised by people who met him. Using a "smart leg", he started skateboarding and after displaying excellent balance and skills he managed to join the "extreme crew". He has to

Second BreakChapter 15

Not Provided

Long Way of the WarriorChapter 53
ActionMartial Arts

The Long Way Of The Warrior at In the second half of the 2nd century, Naru, a warrior from the Mahan tribal union of Goguryeo, was sold as a gladiator-slave to the Roman Empire and waged a desperate struggle for freedom.Dolgii Put VionaMusamanlihaeng

Destroy All Of Humanity. It Can't Be RegeneratedChapter 34-2

The "youth graffiti" manga centers on two people in the 1990s who play the Magic the Gathering trading card game.

Subete no jinrui o hakai suru. Sorera wa saisei dekinai.Chapter 34.2

uly 1999, the month the world ends according to Nostradamus. Middle school boy Hajime always scores second place against his elementary school rival, the beautiful girl Sawatari. She didn't declare him her rival though, after he introduced himself as

TiempoChapter 13

A high school soccer story begins with a crybaby soccer player spinning a miracle! Yuzuki Seto started playing soccer in middle school and has been living a fulfilling life as it is. However, the situation changed completely when Keisuke Asami, who i

Basketball MonsterChapter 2

Wu Wei is a 16-year-old boy who loves basketball but he was dissed due to his short height. It was impossible for him to survive in the basketball world where everyone who gathered is a giant with great skills. He became an official basketball player

Danberu nan kiro moteru?Chapter 150

Sakura Hibiki is your average High-school girl, with a voracious appetite. Noticing her clothes tightening in lieu of her slowly expanding waist line she decides to look into enrolling in the nearby Silverman-Gym. There she runs into a girl from her

Do You Like The Otaku School Nurse?chapter 12

An ordinary middle school student works at the school infirmary with the crazy otaku school nurse.

Red BlueChapter 12
ActionComedyMartial Arts

Aoba, the hero who has walked the path of the shade. In order to push through the unyielding "feelings", he will jump into the world of mixed martial arts "MMA"-!!

Fast BreakChapter 6

The once brilliant Qing Tai school basketball team has fallen and is now faced with a shortage of members and the risk of the club disbanding. By chance, a person who has a passion for basketball comes, but the basketball boy is Bai Qi, who doesn't k

MedalistChapter 7.1

Tsukasa, a young man with shattered dreams, and Inori, a girl no one believed in. However, in the face of adversity, those two possessed a tenacity towards the rink greater than anyone had ever known. Together, they meet on the ice, and aim for the w

InfinityChapter 14

A soccer player that is afraid of the ball? Damin is a defender, but he keeps dodging every ball that flies at him. He receives an unexpected offer: "Start fencing!" As soon as Damins greatest weaknes is turned into his greatest strength, a new world

Peach Milk Crownchapter 13

Team Captain Yoichi Kouda is a high school track athlete "specializing" in 200m distance running. He has neither the speed for short distance, nor the stamina for long distance. And other events are out of the question because he has no agility whats

Knight in 1 FrameChapter 4

Knight in 1 Frame manga, Fencing' and fighting games' are kind of alike, aren't they?" You use your head! You use reading'! A fighting gamer takes on the challenge, this is the tale of an unorthodox' knight's path!! Izumi Ichidou was devoted to figh

Season of ChangeChapter 39

Trying new things is never easy. Ohran Lim is an ex-boxer who never managed to go pro. Now, she spends her days working at the local convenience store, wondering where it all went wrong. But after she meets young couple Woon and Baram, she slowly beg

Street WorkoutChapter 4

Street Workout manhwa, Baek Dong-hee, is a high school student who once pursued her dream of being the best b-boy in the world, lost both her dreams and hopes due to an accident. One day, he meets Kwon Jini, a girl who works out by chance, and his l

The Case of Me, a Pro Golfer, Being Reincarnated as My Little Sister’s PutterChapter 4

The Case of Me a Pro Golfer Being Reincarnated as My Little Sister's Putter manga, Progolfer no ore ga Imouto no Putter ni Tensei shiteshimatta ken , On the green of the All Japan Open final, professional golfer Kazuma Yagami is killed by a lightning

Perfect GoldChapter 5

Archery was everything to the young prodigy Oh Binwoo. But when he loses his parents in a tragic car accident, he gives up being an archer for good, believing that he's the reason behind their deaths. Three years later, the sport he loved and dreaded

IrregularsChapter 3.2

Irregulars manga, We may be like this, but if we don't give up, we will surely reach the dream stage, Koshien!" Jyosei Private Academy. After it changed its policy and became a cut-throat academic elite school, its once powerful baseball team has bec

Taekwondo KidChapter 36
DramaMartial Arts

Ihn Kim is an explosive Taekwondo fighter who can throw brutal kicks, but his opponents don't take him seriously because he's held back by all the sparring rules. However, changes are coming in the Taekwondo world that just might give Ihn a fighting

Sword EdgeChapter 51

After winning the Olympics Men's Fencing Championship Medal, Chris unfortunately passed away in a car accident. During the funeral, Lin Yifei found out about Chris' hidden feelings for him. When he was starting to regret everything, he was sent back

Man who succeeds the dragonChapter 12
ActionDramaMartial Arts

read Man who succeeds the dragon , Tough Gaiden Ryuu o Tsugu Otoko , TOUGH The series starring one of illegitimate children of Kiryu Miyazawa, Ryuusei Nakamura. Years after Kiibo founded the new dojo, both him and Kiryu mysteriously disappeared. Ryu

Little HandsChapter 8

Little Hands , Handball, known as the sport in the sky. In a game where "height" is an overwhelming advantage, Ishino Mikage is no taller than an elementary school student when he joins the handball team at Fuuchou High School! Even so, he is armed w

Winning ShotChapter 11

Winning Shot, Ah Shiyun is a pitcher who doesn't mind a team's losing streak, provided that he can play baseball. After continuing his junior high school career with poor results, his life begins to change when he meets "Baek Tae-Oh", a catcher of th

XTenChapter 5

At the age of 14, the day he set a new record in middle school, he lost his parents. Oh Binwoo decided to stop archery after misfortunes entered his life. After that, his life changed. Although he felt that there was a void somewhere in his life, he

Streetball in the HoodChapter 11

Streetball in the HoodStreetball in the Hood is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Manhua series is written by Updating This Comic is AboutWith eyes set on the world of competitive basketball, a young man begins his journey in the stree