The Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Carefree Married Life in a Former Enemy Country in Her Seventh Loop!Chapter 10

Rishe, the daughter of a duke, is stuck in a time loop that begins at the moment her engagement is annulled and ends with her early demise at the age of 20. She has now entered her seventh life.In her past do-overs, Rishe experienced life in various

I Didn’t Mean to Seduce the Male LeadChapter 52

A baroness who lost her husband at an early age.I've possessed the body of "Eleanor Maurice".But in the original story, I have a mere four lines of dialogue!After pouring my blood sweat and tears, I've finally been able to achieve a respectable posit

The Hunter (Wang You Zhi Zui Qiang Lie Ren )chapter 26

Forty year old disabled veteran, Ye Zhanglin, under the guidance of an eight year old child, came in contact with a gun fighting game call "Gun King". In order to get the grand prize, through multiple days and nights of training, they both reached th

The Princess Pretends to Be CrazyChapter 66

"On the Moonlight Garden-!" "White evening primroses are in full bloom -!" It was a strange succession ceremony in which the strongest member of the royal family succeeds the throne. After being poisoned, she returned five years into the past, and pl

18-Year-Old Villainess's TargetChapter 36

Laisa, the villain in the webtoon has been possessed by the body of the original webtoon writer, Yoo Do-Eun! It's unfair to be possessed by this world, but I'm a villain who is destined to die!? This is a story of a writer's strategy to change her en

The Knight Commander Wants To Monopolize The Former Glasses Girlchapter 7

I was caught up in a trip to another world and was treated as a nuisance, but the person who helped me was the commander of the Second Knights, Leon, who was super strong and handsome! He was blunt but kind and always took care of me. But why does he

Untouchable LadyChapter 61

"Please, Hilise. Please die in place of Gabrielle." My always dignified brother begged me for the first time. He wants me to die for our stepsister, whom we don't even share a drop of blood with. "For the first and last time, I ask you this." I've al

Today the Villainess has Fun AgainChapter 40

My friend stole my boyfriend and then dared to hand me a wedding invitation with a smile? Ha! I had a blast enjoying my revenge and came home and fell asleep but When I woke up I was in the body of the Villainess of a Romance Fantasy novel who has ev

The Way That Knight Lives As a LadyChapter 81

The sword of my closest friend and trusted adjutant pierced my body. When I opened my eyes again, I had become a noble lady of the enemy kingdom. In an unfamiliar and weak stranger's body, three year's time was lost, in which my homeland was brought

The Emperor Reverses TimeChapter 86

One Pair LadyChapter 74

When I woke up from my sleep, my house had disappeared?! Adele, a gambling genius, suddenly transmigrates ten years into the future. Participating in a gambling event at the request of the tower master, Rudy leads her to meet the Duke of Elfinheim, t

Leveling My Husband to the MaxChapter 62

Because of her indifferent husband, Amber died alone. She regressed to the first night of her marriage! In order to prevent a repeat of my past life, I'm trying to revive the impoverished duke and have a neat divorce with my husband... "Please treat

Negawakuba no Konote ni Koufuku Wochapter 12.2 END!

Aah, if I had do it all again, I'd rather die. Adventurer Lughys spent his days as a loser. Opporessed by his party members, so called "comrades", the road to being a hero or a legend was a long ways away. Then suddenly, a mysterious shadow called ou

Tricks Dedicated to WitchesChapter 31

In 2021, Harry Makito, genius magician, was holding a one time only retirement show in Tokyo when he burned to death in an unexpected accident. He was 17 years old. Or so one would think. But he lived, finding himself reincarnated 400 years earlier i

Dino CrisisChapter 5

Dino Crisis () was a six-part manhua series. A loose adaptation of the first Dino Crisis game, it was published by the Hong Kong-based "Jade Dynasty" ().

The Duchess of the Glass GreenhouseChapter 65

Reina was born from a high noble lineage and became the wife of Duke Heathville. However, she faces a miserable death in which she is despised by her loved one, and even her child is taken away from her. But when Reina finally gave up on everythingsh

Marshal Is Jealous EverydayChapter 273

An arrogant and stubborn lady is dead, a revived 21st-century medical genius into her body. Medicine is excellent, the heart is pure. Facing her parents-in-law is unfriendly, her husband is not in love, and has a jealous look of concubines. Based onl

The Villainess Wears an Idiot’s MaskChapter 53

A great mage acting as an idiot to get revengeOn the day of an unwanted wedding, Winsty awakens as a great mage and is resurrected from the danger of being poisoned.She gets in a contract relationship with the duke of a rival family in order to stop

The Golden Light of DawnChapter 35

Read manhwa The Golden Light of Dawn / The golden dawn light will shine for you / You're still precious to me. After losing her family in a demon attack, Rosha is reborn as the 777th most powerful magic knight in the Golden Dawn Society. To avenge

I’m The Great ImmortalChapter 468
ActionMartial ArtsShounen

The previous life was a peerless genius in the world of immortality. He was killed by 3 celestial beings. He was accidentally reborn to his 20s by the book of heaven. All he wanted to do was to become an immortal and return to the immortal world, and

From Maid to QueenChapter 50

Urania was just a lowly maid until she captured the attention of King Kraus III and became his concubine. The nobles and the other maids, however, despised their love and dragged Urania down. Heartbroken and at her wit's end, she was ready to accept

Kung Fu BeautyChapter 54

A woman is murdered then reincarnates as the born-again Kungfu Lady. A story of revenge, moving into adulthood, romance, and ambition...Kungfu Beauty

Traces of Memorychapter 12

A man who has lost his beloved family.A desperate time travel to save his family begins.

Reincarnation of the Murim Clan’s Former RankerChapter 35
ActionMartial Arts

[The Strongest Guild, Griffin!SSS Ranker Gang Tae Ha challenges them alone!But he meets his death after a fierce battle.However"I am this pig?"I open my eyes, and it's Murim?I am Yu Shin Un, the ruffian of Baek Un Clan?A chaotic situation with no tim

Surely a Happy EndingChapter 83.5

Yeon-Woo's husband died the day they ended their sham marriage. Yeon-Woo, who is swept in sorrow, is given a chance to return 100 days back in time! As she struggles to prevent the death of her husband Seon-Jae, their 'real' marriage has only just be

A One on One, Your Highnessch.218

When a modern girl time-travels to the ancient times and finds herself trapped in the body of a deserted concubine, Shane Yun, and bullied by other concubines in the Prince Qin's Residence, her strong modern personality burst out, and overturns the e

Love In-SyncChapter 50 - End

I tried so hard to graduate from college. Now you are telling me that i have to relive my high school life! And do everything all over?! Heavy homework, a lover that doesn't love me, troublesome puberty... Hey, leave that boy alone, I'm his real wife

Villainess MakerChapter 72.5

I reincarnated into a romance fantasy novel written 10 years ago.On top of that, I became the villainess, Ayla, who cursed the female lead and was killed by the male lead.Then, won't it be enough if I don't become a villain?"I'll live this life playi

I Failed To Throw The Villain AwayChapter 49

Read manhwa I Failed To Throw The Villain Away / Failed to Abandon the Villain / "Now, you're the only one left, Mistress." I reincarnated as the daughter of a baron within a novel I read in my previous life. Thanks to that I knew that the boy my

Oh, Dear NemesisChapter 34

Oh Dear Nemesis at The moment she believed she won, everything went back to the beginning.Kalmia Phlox, whose dead brother came to life, was engaged to a man she was close to, and had a relationship with the man she was in love with. In her very diff

For StellaChapter 58

In order to return to her past life, she must find a way meet her end. However the male lead who's traveled back in time, keeps preventing her death.Dana is a side character destined to die for the leading couple, Arcane and Stella.So to get back to

Adult Elementary StudentChapter 5

My 9 years old soul came into my body! And, I 32 years old Man , Got stuck in a game console! (He doesn't have a will to live, but now here fun begins)

Return of Immortal EmperorChapter 356

Three years ago, Yun Qing Yan accidentally fell into the Immortal Realm from the Mortal Realm. After three thousand years, he became the great Emperor Yun of the Immortal Realm. Breaking through the barrier between the two realms, he discovered that

The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing?!Chapter 84

???: Alright, let's keep it up and do the heave-ho???: Heave???: Ho???: Heave???: We can heave-ho all we want but I think we're all screwed because of that guy.The Coin market that goes beyond the dimensions, A newcomer has appeared and turned the Di

Webmaster in the End Of the WorldChapter 29

I travelled to the world where the previous civilization disappeared 300 years ago, and did I just became a box? Well, it doesn't matter, even if I don't have any hands and feet's, i can still use my powerful brain and can sweep the whole wasteland w

Shin Honkaku Mahou Shoujo RisukaChapter 13

The elementary schooler unlike any other, Kugi Kizutakawho is searching for "useful pawns" in order to achieve his own ambitionscomes to learn of Mizukura Risuka, a magician with the title "The Red Witch of Time." Risuka had left the Kingdom of Magic

Mejaz Regulus in the World – WebtoonChapter 141

A marriage alliance between two influential magical families was made, turning Mo Yan and Xuanyuan Yu a married couple. But during the night of their consummation, Mo Yan was ruthless in his words after overhearing a rumor about his wife being in lov

Hey Little Duke Just Trust in SisterChapter 13

Hey Little Duke Just Trust in Sister manhwa, Hey Just Trust this Big Sister Little Duke, , !Trusting only her talent in swordsmanship,Espin tried to become the best knight but failed.It was because of Duke Xenoc Blacknight. The no. 1 knight in the

The Princess Arrives!Chapter 126

The Princess Arrives at I time travelledI become the only noble princess of the country!I get myself a magnificent system!Gee The king is a super indulging dad!

King Of BattlefieldChapter 56
ActionComedyMartial Arts

Family and the safety of others are our priorities. Murim comes next.My wife who is like a rabbit is my first priority, next is my daughter who is like a fox.Next will be my son who is like a bear, and my other priorities are father, mother, and youn

The Essence Of A Perfect MarriageChapter 66

My husband is in love with my younger sister. And of all things, I found out about it on my birthday, which is also the day I died. But I somehow traveled back to one year ago?The day I came back from the dead, I decided. This time, I have a year to

I was Reincarnated as a Poor Farmer in a Different World, So I Decided to Make Bricks to Build a Castle.Chapter 5.2
ComedyDramaMartial Arts

I was Reincarnated as a Poor Farmer in a Different World, So I Decided to Make Bricks to Build a Castle Manga , Isekai no Binbou Nouka ni Tensei Shita Node, Renga wo Tsukutte Shiro wo Tateru Koto ni Shimashita In another world where the Royal family

Get Out of My Way, Prince!Chapter 62

Yaoi fan Ye Song becomes a wife who couldn't stop loving her husband after her time travel. Died of anger because the imperial prince had been sleeping with her mistress? No problem! She could still make a scene in his place in this life! Thrilling a

My Raging Path Of Leveling UpChapter 70
ActionMartial ArtsSupernatural

My Raging Path Of Leveling Up manhuaThe game addicted geek Long Fei was bounded by a weird system when he just finished the last stage of his favorite cultivation game.Long Fei: whowho are you?System:due to your excellent competing skills, you are ch

Please Marry Me Again, Husband!Chapter 40

Please Marry Me Again, Husband at In the middle of a sea of yellow flowers in the garden is my husband, Kardi. "You told me you liked these flowers before." A sweet man who remembers words spoken in the past and makes a field filled with daffodils. E

The Carefree Mage’s Colonization Records Starting a Cozy Slow Life with the MaidsChapter 4

Mylene loves fun things. Whether it be fine arts, sculptures, drawings, or music, she loves them all. However, all those things had gradually disappeared due to the long-standing war. Thus, she decides to cast a time freezing magic on herself to awak

Please Show Up!Chapter 53

One day, Kim Jiyong, an ordinary student, dreams of Jung Jihye and falls in love with her at first sight. But when he tries to find her... it turns out that the woman committed suicide 2 years ago?! The romantic story of Jiyong who wants to return Ji

Awakening in the Three Kingdoms as the Demon’s Daughter ~The Legend of Dong Bai~Chapter 7

Awakening in the Three Kingdoms as the Demon's Daughter ~The Legend of Dong Bai manga, Maou Reijou kara Hajimeru Sangokushi ~Touhaku Den, Shirokawa Sasane (30) is a former trading company employee and a huge fan of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. One