To Melt Your Frozen HeartChapter 49

With his entire family either gone or missing, Adrian DeMonte must take the helm as the sole heir to the wealthy Velkra estate. By official decree of the emperor, Adrian is to choose a noblewoman for her hand in marriage. Adrian chooses the infamousl

The Persimmon SecretaryChapter 40

Gam Yoo Eun won the lottery with the leftover money from buying a bungeoppang after working overtime, as always.She tried to quit her job as President Chae Do Hyuk's secretary, a boss notorious for living solely for his work"Lately, my head is full w

Contract ConcubineChapter 144

One day, Yesuh, a famous assassin, receives a strange request from a suspicious man. She's never received such a ridiculous request before, but after hearing how much the odd man was willing to pay, she decides to bite the bullet and take on the requ

Winter MoonChapter 528

A homosexual sorceror and a seductive priestess cross paths in an Online RPG.

From Maid to QueenChapter 46

Urania was just a lowly maid until she captured the attention of King Kraus III and became his concubine. The nobles and the other maids, however, despised their love and dragged Urania down. Heartbroken and at her wit's end, she was ready to accept

Divine Hero’s Skyfall SystemChapter 406

After three years of being a son-in-law, Xiao Ge was subjected to countless stares and insults. However, his wife's kindness and beauty made it difficult for him to let go. Finally, he awakens the Divine Hero System, and begins a life of pushy and un

I am the Precious Daughter of the Greatest Villain in the Fantasy WorldChapter 62

I thought I was reincarnated as the daughter of a wealthy family, but it turns out I was born as the child of the greatest villain in the fantasy world of martial arts. My father doesn't care about me, I'm ostracized by the others, and I'll eventuall

Exchange StudentChapter 16

Yong-cheol wants to go to college but gave up due to family problems. She accidentally found a student I.D. And decided to disguise herself as 'Lee Chaeyeon' the owner of the I.D and goes to Hankuk University like a normal student 'I want to make a f

The Princess Doesn’t Want To Marry Her Ideal TypeChapter 42

"My youngest daughter." "Yes, Father." "This Father swears. That at any cost I'll find your particular, complicated, and confusing ideal type!" "Yes, Father." The third Duchess Kiriel Empoleon of the empire's greatest knight family Empoleon, while re

I, The Abyssal, Have Decided to Save Humanity Again TodayChapter 90

I, The Abyssal, Have Decided to Save Humanity Again Today, , Despite Coming From the Abyss I Will Save Humanity , I Who Came From Hell Also Want Save Mankind The Abyssals represent pure destruction. They have unparalleled power and follow their inst

Reborn 80,000 YearsChapter 350
DramaMartial ArtsShounenSupernatural

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little SweetChapter 327

"How perverted is Si Ye Han's taste? He still wants me like this?" Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror: explosive wig, tattoos, and demon-like makeup. Any normal person's eyes would burn if they looked at her for more than a second.

My Female Apprentices Are All Big Shots From the FutureChapter 109

My Female Apprentices Are All Big Shots From the Future , My Female Apprentices Are All Big Shots From the FutureThe long river of history is facing collapse, the strongest Taoist priest returned to one hundred thousand years ago with a whole body of

Son-in-Law Does Cheap CultivationChapter 234

Dokgo 3Chapter 13

Tae-jin, who lost motivation in everything and drifted away, receives an offer from Shin Sang-yoon, the former captain of the wrestling club at Dangyeong high school, and eventually compromises with reality and enters the world of fists.And as he adj

Irregular EmpressChapter 97

"Do you want to live as Estella instead of Estien?" A member of the famous Arthur family that went into ruin, Estien. Estien hid his talent and lived as a regular knight but one day the crown prince offered something weird.Undercover Empress, Irregul

Dominating the townChapter 147

Zhian Tian was abandoned by his father along with his mother and sister. They moved to East China Sea to earn a living, but his mother was murdered and framed to look like a suicide jump off of a building.. Fortunately, a mysterious person rescued hi

Hero KillerChapter 75

"Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."The war ended with the defeat of the villains. Now the world is ruled by corrupt hero

Dark Star EmperorChapter 232

Su Xiaobai was on the brink of death, he was brought into a new world. The soul of the strongest evolver "King of Stars" Long Ming now inhabits his body. Therefore, he has acquired an extremely powerful ability : "The Endlessness of Dim". The only dr

The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick up TrashChapter 15.1

When Ivy was born into this world, she remembered her past life.Remembering her preincarnation, she strove to avoid strife.But fate curdled at the status check, when kids learn who they are.For she had only one skill Taming and not a single star.Iv

I randomly have a new career every weekChapter 199
ActionComedyMartial Arts

I randomly have a new career every week, xperience the Didi driver and reward Pagani Zonda with one.Experience university teachers and reward ten buildings.Experience the charter company, reward one billion.Experience

In-house stalking is prohibitedChapter 37

Therefore, stalking within our company is prohibited." SA Company CEO Park Si-an. 188cm tall, looks like a celebrity uppercut! Estimated assets: XXX billion won! 3rd generation real tycoon! He has been suffering from vicious stalking lately! The like

Prince Cultivation ProjectChapter 56

Hill travelled into a game she was playing and was bound with the character of the fourth daughter of the Duke, Hill Augustine! Her ultimate mission was to help Shawnee Augustine, the third son of the Duke, as well as the unknown prince of the Atlant

I Ship My Rival x MeChapter 47
ComedyShounen Ai

My rival, Gu Yiliang, a B-lister rookie, has the face of an idol and can act well, while I, Wei Yanzi, a C-lister rookie, has the face of an idol but with mediocre acting skills. One day, I accidentally discovered a magical world, where no matter we

The Whisper of the DevilChapter 99

Read manhua The Whisper of the Devil / Whisper of the DevilJing Qiao and Jin Yan Shen exchanged vows in the wedding, but underlying the seems like a happy marriage was the darkest truth. On the first night of the marriage, suffering from the humiliat

I Tried To Be Her Loyal SwordChapter 35

Read manhwa I Tried To Be Her Loyal Sword / One day, I fell down and remembered my past life.It's actually a reverse harem novel where my sister is the main character, and I was the daughter of the mad blood-devil Duke Chrysis. I didn't mean to ge

A Billionaire I AmChapter 119

"Rich? Spend as much as you like! When the poor girl Su ChengCheng becomes the richest heiress, she vows to get back all the humiliation she has suffered!"mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you m

Me! Super rich!Chapter 119

"Rich? Spend as much as you like! When the poor girl Su ChengCheng becomes the richest heiress, she vows to get back all the humiliation she has suffered!"I, am super rich / I'm, filthy rich /

The Max Level Hero has Returned!Chapter 102

The weak prince of an insignificant country, Davey. After becoming comatose, his soul escaped to a temple where the souls of heroes gathered. He trained for a thousand years and has now returned as a max level hero! "Just you guys wait, I'm gonna fac

Memoir Of The King Of WarChapter 107
ActionMartial ArtsWebtoons

Breathing does not guarantee everyone's alive! Dan Sa Yu, a descendant of Goryeo, greatly reprimands the Central District for the sake of his friend whom he treasures the most. He reigns every battle! No one could stop him! Cheonpo Armed Forces. The

I Was Planning to Become a Loyal SwordChapter 35

I Was Planning to Become a Loyal Sword manhwa, I Tried to be Her Loyal Sword Kashumir grew up working as a mercenary to buy medicine for her precious younger half-sister, Aria. On her way home, after completing a mission as usual, she trips and hit

First, Let’s Hide My Younger BrotherChapter 44.5

I was 19 years old and put into the world of a BL comic.In a world where the possibility of encountering a crazy person was one to ten."Franz, can you take off your clothes for a second?""Sister? Oh, why are you wearing those clothes?"The event had a

A Transmigrator’s PrivilegeChapter 41.5

Read manhwa A Transmigrator's Privilege / It's the era of Transmigration.I wanted to possess a body of a rich young lady in a Rofan childcare novel, and live while receiving lots of love.No. 1 to be avoided!No. 1 in frustrating the reader!I possess

Disobey the Duke if You DareChapter 33

You must never see the duke's face. After her second husband's death, Lily is forced into a third marriage by her father. Her new husband is rumored to be a monstrous warmonger, but to Lily's surprise, the Duke turns out to be a kind man and husband.

Truthfully, They Only Remembered HerChapter 80

"I'm leaving." "Really? I'm sure the people who fought together with you in the war will miss you." "Nobody will remember me. " At the end of the war, a commoner knight, Clarence Holton, left everything behind and ran away, including the promised hon

You Can’t Change A Person!Chapter 75

I'm the first human created by God. As I took for granted the love that I received, I never gave love to others.One day, God appeared before me and gave me a riddle.Until I answer that riddle, I am unable to die.This time, I will definitely find the

PlayerChapter 123

During a late-night, there was a bizarre murdering case in an alley of a small town. A few youngsters met a psycho murderer on their way home after a night-shift. After fighting, they found out that the psycho murderer was invulnerable. At that decis

Martial God AsuraChapter 631

One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside hi

Kimi wa Meido-samaChapter 31

A girl in a maid uniform came to Hitozu house looking for a job. Her previous job was an assassin, and she is skilled in all the deadly arts, but she a complete beginner at housework. Hitozu was confused by the strange request and sent her away. But

The Wicked Girl Is Arriving TonightChapter 43

The Wicked Girl Is Arriving Tonight The Villainess Descends Tonight , Tonight the Villainess Will Come If Li Xing unexpectedly received the abuse residue and becomes stronger, she can absorb the decomposition value and strengthen her attributes, and

Beyond the SkyChapter 61

Beyond the Sky , Above the Dome , , Qing Dng Zh ShngHan Qingyu lived peacefully for nineteen years, and never thought that one day he would become one of the main characters in an epic. An accident occurred out of the blue. The boy was forced wield

Max Level ReturnerChapter 183

120 million people have disappeared worldwide.[Final Quest Completion Reward: 'Return' Activated]For the first time in 22 years, Yoon Sang-Hyuk cleared the world's worst survival game.He, the so-called strongest person among all other players, one wh

Swallow the whole worldChapter 152

The Kicked Out S-Rank Appraiser Creates the Strongest GuildChapter 9

The Kicked Out S-Rank Appraiser Creates the Strongest Guild , Tsuihou Sareta S-kyuu Kanteishi wa Saikyou no Guild wo Tsukuru SAppraiser Laurent was kicked out from his guild Golden Hawk. It was a result of one-sided jealousy from the guild leader, Lu

Hatarakanai Futari (The Jobless Siblings)Chapter 1134

A slice-of-life story about "life-less"Brother and Sister, both jobless shut-ins.

It Starts With A MountainChapter 414

It starts with a mountain. A strategic leader gets isekai-ed into a war dynasty. He only has a group of members who were planning to ditch him. Facing this war era, he thinks of stealing food and girls to live a king's life. He is hot-blooded, picks

MookHyang – Dark LadyChapter 159

As the master of the School of Unholy Arts and as the undefeated Unmasked Demon, MookHyang unfortunately falls to a strange fantasy world by the magic of his enemies (School of Blood Arts). In the new world of elf, sorcerer, knight, and dragon, MookH

One Step to Being Dark LordChapter 35

"It's just it's no different than a villager A" "There can't be anything stronger than me in this world!"Yuri, the king of the sea, came to the land to find the strongest devil in the world.But when I looked in the mirror, I saw a little boy?As soon

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