When I Was Playing Eroge With VR, I Was Reincarnated In A Different World, I Will Enslave All The Beautiful Demon Girls ~Crossout Saber~Chapter 17

Take off everything and be enslaved [Tame]!! in a different world filled with fantasy!!I accidentally died while playing a VR compatible game, and now the goddess will reincarnate me into the world of that game with specialized enslavement skill TAME

The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen Who Will Become The Source Of Tragedy Will Devote Herself For The Sake Of The People. ~To The Savior~Chapter 7

At the age of eight, I realised I had reincarnated as the nefarious last boss of an otome game, Queen Pride. Her fighting strength is high because she's the last boss who will fight with the capture target, and her superior cunning wits make her the

Yubisaki Kara Honki No NetsujouChapter 169

"I can't get enough of how you're so strong-willed, but you still lose yourself in me." I never wanted to be held by a flirty man... But for some reason, inside his strong arms, his warmth feels so good...Notices:This manga has sexual content and cen

Radiation HouseChapter 84

It turns out that it's not only the general practitioner who diagnoses our illnesses! There are medical radiographers, who probe for the causes and reveal the lesions using X-ray or CT imaging. Not to mention the radiologists, who interpret the scans

Karate Baka in Different WorldChapter 28
ActionComedyMartial artsShounen

A karate practitioner who has been transferred to another world refuses the cheat skills given by the goddess, and he pursues his own karate in another world.

Yandere Mahoutsukai wa Sekizou no Otome shika Aisenai - Majo wa Manadeshi no Atsui Kuchidzuke de TokeruChapter 22

Lara, the magician, confronts a dragon to protect her disciple Alistair, and magically turns into a stone statue to avoid death. Twenty years later, she wakes up safely and is astonished to see her arrogant disciple Alistair become an older lord who

VR Eroge yattetara Isekai ni Tensei shita no de, Bishoujo Maou wo Doreika suru: Cross Out SaberChapter 17

Main character accidentally died while playing a VR eroge.Just another isekai trash....

The Lecture You Would Never Want Your Parents To Give YouChapter 30

The Lecture You Would Never Want Your Parents To Give You summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of The Lecture You Would Never Want Your Parents To Give You. If you have any question about this manga, Plea

I Am the Fated VillainChapter 146
ActionComedyMartial arts

Immediately after Gu Changge realized he had transgressed into a fantasy world, the world's protagonist, and fortune's chosen, vowed to take revenge on him. Envied by all, he not only has the female lead head over heels for him but he's also treated

I Encountered A False Spiritual RevivalChapter 3.5
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

Everyone in the world is mentally ill, except me!Wo Yu Daole Jia De Lingqi Fusu, I Encountered a Fake Reiki, W Y Dole Ji De Lngq Fs,

Hidan No AriaChapter 121

Tokyo Butei High school--- It was a special school where armed detectives, also known as "Butei" are being brought up. Tohyama Kinji is a sophomore student who has the unique body which activates a "super mode" when it was stimulated by "something".

I Will Live This Life as a Supporting CharacterChapter 67

/ I will live this life as a supporting actor / I Will Live This Life as a Supporting role / I will live as a supporting role in this life"If you want to do well, you have to face difficulties..." Lisia recalls the memories of her previous life when

Me, The Heavenly Destined VillainChapter 146
DramaMartial artsSupernatural

Demon in Mount HuaChapter 82

Demon in Mount Hua manhwa, The Murim's public enemy, the Slaughterer Demon Monarch, Yeom Se-Ak! It's been a hundred years since he was trapped in Mount Hua after being captured by the Sword God, Han Ho.He waited all these years for his chance to seek

I have 90 billion licking goldChapter 199HOT

Chen Yuan, a loser college student, licked the goddess Lin Shutong wildly for three years but was kicked by her. In grief, he accidentally activated the dog-licking gold system. It has 90 billion dog-licking gold in its memory. It can only be used to

The Perfect Ending for the Villainess of a Fairy TaleChapter 92HOT

The Perfect Ending for the Villainess of a Fairy Tale manhwa, Fairy Tale Villains Perfect Ending Plan[There was a pitiful girl who cried tears of diamond and lived while being abused by her family. But a prince appeared and killed off the entirety of

Karate Baka IsekaiChapter 28
ActionComedyMartial artsShounen

A karate practitioner who has been transferred to another world refuses the cheat skills given by the goddess and he pursues his own karate in another world.

Unsound RelationshipChapter 113
DramaHorrorRomanceShounen ai

The hot-tempered criminal investigation team leader Qian was wrong, and Teng Ruiyu, a cold-blooded detective with high intelligence quotient, and the two of them partnered to solve countless incredible cases, and were involved in continuous alchemy c

Rebirth in ParadiseChapter 106

Rebirth in ParadiseWhile haunting her usual subway car one day, lonely ghost Park Ja-eon receives a chance from a deity to redo one year of her life and earn a spot in eternal paradise. With the aid of a grumpy divine guardian and a newfound ability

Skill Saisei to Hakai kara Hajimaru Saikyou Boukensha Life – Gomihiroi to Tsuihousareta kedo Kikakugai no Chikara de Nariagaru!Chapter 12

Rolf, a boy who received the rare skill [Regeneration] and belonged to the strongest party. However, the skill never activates and is banished as useless. He spends his days alone with only a tattered sword as a memento, but when he meets Elsa, who h

Lord Of MoneyChapter 142

Cheon Joong Myung, the third son of the CEO of the fifth wealthiest corporation, Ji Gyoung Group. And his assistant working under him, Seong Chang Ook. While Seong Chang Ook tried to kill Cheon Joong Myung and cover it up as an accident, Seong Chang

Looking for an IdolChapter 63

Chikako Fujitani (18), 1st year at the Hanano Women's College starts living alone at the same apartment as Kanro (An aspiring mangaka from the same school.) and Chiaki (A bus guide who pretends to be a college student to get a man.). While on the "Co

Mushoku Tensei - Isekai Ittara Honki DasuChapter 99

A 34-years-old NEET otaku is chased out from his house by his family. Unattractive and penniless, he finds that he has reached a dead end in life and realizes that his life actually could have been much better if he had made better choices in the pas

Dao ShenChapter 41
ActionDramaMartial arts

Dao Shen summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Dao Shen. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

Uta no UtaChapter 3

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Twist of DestinyChapter 29

Abby was reincarnated. This time, she swore to reform the villain of her previous life, changing the fate of the world ending... No, why should I be so hung up on this? Nice, gentle older brothers, a mysterious mage- Who is this decisive killer of a

InsectorChapter 37

Insector, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply t

I Can't Be Sword GodChapter 62

Li Chu traveled to Shilipo through time and became a young Taoist. In this world where ghosts were rampant and monsters were raging, weak and helpless Li Chu wanted to just live in Shilipo for the rest of his life. Until one day, when he had no choic

The Chaotic God Of Extraordinary StrengthChapter 16
ActionMartial arts

Zheng, the Slaughtering Scythe Ghost' who finds pleasure in killing.He happens to have the exact same face as the Third Young Master of the Great Orderly Wooden Sword Hall, Mok Gyung-Woon"Become my body double. That way, I'll let you out of this pris

The Yandere Magician Can Only Love The Statue MaidenChapter 22

The Yandere Magician Can Only Love The Statue Maiden manga, ; Yandere Mahoutsukai ha Sekizou Otome Shika Asenai While saving her young apprentice Alistair from a dragon, magician Lala Bradley turns herself to stone as a last resort. When the spell f

Materialistic LadyChapter 47

Despite being a beauty from a famous family, Roselia Kaneph is quite literally the poorest noble in the empire. Sick of munching on carrots during teatime and not being able to add salt to her meals, Roselia comes up with a plan to go from rags to ri

The Cursed Maid of the Duke’s CastleChapter 24

Read manhwa The Cursed Maid of the Duke's Castle, Cursed Maid of the Duchy, The Cursed Maid in the Duke's Castle, The Duke's Castle's Cursed Maid, Lia is a young woman who saves an old man from being beaten in the street, but receives a curse that

Fire in his fingertipsChapter 169

."I can't get enough of how you're so strong-willed, but you still lose yourself in me." I never wanted to be held by a flirty man But for some reason, inside his strong arms, his warmth feels so good

Princess’s Doll ShopChapter 56

"There is this small thing I want to do, but I need to leave the palace.""Leave the palace, you say?" asked Deon nervously.Somehow, he displayed a bigger reaction to her leaving the palace compared to when Kathia asked for a country before.Kathia, bl

Friends Shouldn’t Act This WayChapter 15

Read manhwa Friends Shouldn't Act This Way / Rien is a transfer student at Arena Academy who wants a peaceful life. The successor of the Lisianthus Duchy fell in love at first sight with her. Carsion, who has the face of an innocent man, is a geni

Don’t Say You Love MeChapter 121HOT
RomanceShounen aiWebtoon

.I treated you as a brother, so how could you just confess to me?! I only wanted to avoid you but ended up getting you hurt in an accident. I'm sorry. If I had another chance, I definitely wouldn't run away again. However that chance came so fast. I

A Perfect Ending Plan of the Villain in a Fairy TaleChapter 92

The protagonist of a fairy tale whose tears turn into diamonds.I was possessing her bad sister.Three years left until the passing prince fell in love with my younger sister and married, and the family who harassed the protagonist were executed.I'd ra

Even If Despair Consumes YouChapter 12

Read manhwa Even If Despair Consumes You / In a life drained of luck through a deceitful pact with a devil, Dokyung' feels despair with her miserable existence. Enters another devil, Hwamyung,' who feeds on despair, in this fantasy tale of redempti

I’m Really Not A SupervillainChapter 132
ActionMartial arts

I' m sure I' m not a scoundrel, I' m hardly a Villainous Boss!, On the 11th day of November 2111, four mysterious towers appeared out of nowhere Following that, crimson rain engulfed three-fourths of the earth and turned it into a barren wasteland. S

All About Dominative And Exclusive DestructionChapter 29

Read manhwa All About Dominative And Exclusive Destruction / "While I am being played with by Yang Sa-ae, I am completely hers."On the other hand, Yang Sa-ae' was a former gladiator slave and Ru Yurak' was a nobleman and a top soldier of his count

I Got Reincarnated in a  BoobsChapter 4

Nagare loves bo***. And he gets his wish to be reincarnated in a world of bo***...except these are man bo***. A zany BL isekai comedy full of titillation and satirical jabs at manga cliches of all kinds!+

Minami-kun Wants to be Teased by that VoiceChapter 6.5

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Dedicated to Someone SpecialChapter 41

On the first day of school, Wu Niannian learned that her childhood friend, who was repeating a grade, was going to be her classmate. He had even caught her drawing a boy's love comic. It was embarrassing for her. Nianian had been longing for a fresh

Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of LifeChapter 131

Since the graduation of the senior members of the club, Takezou ends up being the sole member of the "Koto" (traditional Japanese string instrument) club. Now that the new school year has begun, Takezou will have to seek out new members for the club,

Super God GeneChapter 202

Based on an adaptation from the author's novel Twelve Winged Dark Seraph'. In the future, countless beasts will invade. As you are able to gain certain genes from devouring the flesh of beasts, humankind welcomed an era of genetic evolution. Han Sen,

Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? ~The Level 99 Jester Expelled from the Heroes' Party Will Become a 'Great Sage'~Chapter 49

The Jester More commonly known as the Playboy' Dylan, was fired from the party of the Heroes. The self-centred Heroes didn't understand Dylan's importance to the group.They were just a group of one-man teams. Not interested in cooperation at all. An

Boku no Suki na Hito ga Suki na HitoChapter 15

My Crush's Crush

The world of special kissesChapter 1

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