Limited Extra TimeChapter 26

The Time of the Terminally ill ExtraThe existence of the second child, Karina, who was the successor's youngest twin and the one who wasn't as competent as her sibling, has been concealed by the people around her all her life.One day, she finds out t

The Struggle of Being Reincarnated as the Marquess’s Daughter: I’ll Deal with What’s Coming to Me!Chapter 15

One day, the Marquess's daughter Julianne suddenly regained the memories of her previous life and reflected on her behavior up to this point.A life of luxury, bullying her siblings and stalking her fianc A horrible personality and overweight appearan

The Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Carefree Married Life in a Former Enemy Country in Her Seventh Loop!Chapter 10

Rishe, the daughter of a duke, is stuck in a time loop that begins at the moment her engagement is annulled and ends with her early demise at the age of 20. She has now entered her seventh life.In her past do-overs, Rishe experienced life in various

I Didn’t Mean to Seduce the Male LeadChapter 40

A baroness who lost her husband at an early age.I've possessed the body of "Eleanor Maurice".But in the original story, I have a mere four lines of dialogue!After pouring my blood sweat and tears, I've finally been able to achieve a respectable posit

The Villainous Queen Wants To Level Upchapter 25

Filled with hatred , Mu He Xi got isekaied into the world of the novel; " My ceo is a demon". She became an evil villainous character, who has to humiliate the heroine in this novel to upgrade the Black Lotus system. Only then, she will be able to re

Born as the Villainess’ DaughterChapter 40

I was born as the villainess's daughter inside a novel. When I was born, Mom's wrongdoings have already been revealed leading to her confinement in the tower, and soon she'll receive a miserable death at the hands of the main characters. I held her h

18-Year-Old Villainess's TargetChapter 18

Laisa, the villain in the webtoon has been possessed by the body of the original webtoon writer, Yoo Do-Eun! It's unfair to be possessed by this world, but I'm a villain who is destined to die!? This is a story of a writer's strategy to change her en

Saikyō no Mamono ni Naru Michi O Tadoru Ore, Isekaijū de Zamā Wo Shikkō SuruChapter 12
The Villainess Needs a TyrantChapter 55

Just now, I stole the lips of a man who is notorious as a tyrant.In front of my younger cousin, Arinel, who stole everything I had in my previous life.***"Why did you kiss me?""Because my younger cousin loves you, Your Majesty.""Is that so?"His arms

Today the Villainess has Fun AgainChapter 40

My friend stole my boyfriend and then dared to hand me a wedding invitation with a smile? Ha! I had a blast enjoying my revenge and came home and fell asleep but When I woke up I was in the body of the Villainess of a Romance Fantasy novel who has ev

The Villainous Princess Wants to Live in a Gingerbread HouseChapter 52

I thought I had reincarnated into a poverty-stricken family, until "I have come to escort Her Highness Anastasia of the imperial family!" It seems I have been reincarnated in a novel as an imperial princess who coveted power and met a wretched end! I

I Used to Be a Disqualified Daughter of the DukeChapter 7

Claire, a daughter of the esteemed duke, is faced with a sudden annulment of her engagement to Prince Asbert, the Prince of the great Kingdom of Noston.But the new princess consort candidate is?Being scorned as the fallen duke's daughter and labeled

Even Though I’m the Villainess, I’ll Become the Heroine!Chapter 51

I wasn't able to overcome the harassment and took my life, but I was reincarnated with the perpetrator? The perpetrator is the heroine, Florre, and I am the villainess, Dahlia, who's going to die horribly. "They said you are a villain with neither bl


In a world full of zombies, will a psychopathic zombie with an ego can save mankind?!

The Villainess Refuses to Flirt with the Male LeadChapter 46

Transmigrating as the villainess of a clich imperial manhua isn't scary, what's scary is that the male leads are all children! Not only do I have to take care of children, but I'm also being courted by one of them and being called "wife"! Ms. Hong wo

Isn’t the Villainess’s Punishment to Enter Into a Political Marriage With an Autocrat Too Lenient?Chapter 6

Don't the villainess and the heinous emperor make the strongest couple?I was reincarnated as the villainess and was headed towards the promised banishment end or so I thought. Instead, the punishment I received was a political marriage!?The other par

Uchi no Ojou-sama ga Hametsu End Shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou no You nanode, Ore ga Kyuusai Shitai to Omoimasu.Chapter 4

I'm a character in an otome game?!I'm Vincent, the butler of the Count's daughter. One day, I suddenly remembered that this world is one of an otome game that I played in my previous life. Furthermore, I remembered that the lady I adore will die a vi

The Survival Game Of The VillainessChapter 10

, The Survival Game Of The Evil LadyYu Luna, a modern company slave who is suspected of sudden death due to overwork, was lucky enough to get a chance to return to reality, but the premise is that she needs to successfully capture all the male leads

The Villainess Became a CommonerChapter 6

An ordinary office worker was suddenly killed one day and when he wakes up he finds himself in the body of Kisaragi Kotone, an egotistic and affluent young lady who had just been disowned by her family. After inheriting the life of a girl who is desp

Strange Love Rivals Increased!Chapter 47

After I isekai'd as the female villain of an otome game, I just wanted to avoid the death ending and live a peaceful life. But why are the male lead and female lead fighting over me?

The Young Lady Can't Escape From Her Doting HusbandChapter 3

The first prince, a childhood friend, a general, and an assassin - what if they suddenly ask for love...?!An anthology from "Moonlight novels" that collects the adorable stories of young women and charming men!Includes 4 one-shots with plenty of love

I Woke Up 20 Years Later!Chapter 55

20 years after a failed assassination attempt with poison, Fioria wakes to find she has all the memories of her past life. But the world she lives in is in fact the world of an otome game. And what's more, she wakes up to find the story of the game i

Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make MoneyChapter 1

Summary: I became the wife of a man who already had a lover.So, I should do my best to help him remain faithful to her, right?But how did I end up destroying the bed with him on our first night together?***Aristine is a royal princess who's been conf

I Parted Countlessly From My Beloved Over a Millennium, Now I Shall Become the Wicked LadyChapter 9

From Gourmet Scans:"Swear... that you will never fall in love with me, no matter what."A thousand years ago, a sad fate separated this pair of lovers.No matter how many times they reincarnated and reconnected, it always ended with his tragic death...

My Engagement Was Called Off Under False Accusations, but Who Ever Said My Face Was Ugly Beneath the Mask?Chapter 6

"The refined daughter of a Duke strikes back against the bizarre charges put on her...with the help of her Dear Brother, of course!" Katya has always hid her face under a mask during her days at the academy. Now, right in the middle of the graduation

The One Within the VillainessChapter 4

The One Within the Villainess ,Akuyaku Reijou no Naka no Hito ~Danzai sareta Tenseisha no Tame Usotsuki Heroine ni Fukushuu Itashimasu~, Akuyaku Reijou no Naka no Hito In order to clear the name of Emi,' a girl who had reincarnated as Remilia, the vi

The Tyrant’s Only PerfumerChapter 48

A young woman sick with an incurable illness closes her eyes for the last time, only to wake up as Ariel Winston, an antagonist of the novel she had loved reading before her death. Knowing that death lies before her if she continues down the path the

Reborn into a World of Yanderes?!Chapter 32

In a crazy turn of events, the Lycoris family has been targeted and reborn into the world of a yandere otome game. They can try to use their knowledge of their past lives to go straight to the ending of the game, but they have to watch out for the "b

The Hero is Standing in My WayChapter 34

I reincarnated into a novel that I'd read in my past life.I'm destined to be the fianc of the villain in the not-too-distant future, but that's Doesn't it depend on how I live?"My ideal type is 190 centimeters tall, handsome, rich and doesn't get fat

The Villainess’s DebutChapter 10

Margo has started her 44th life this year. She is paying the price for the book she wrote 500 years ago, "Sleepwalking Love"."Until all of your books are eliminated, you can never have eternal rest." A single book had twisted the destinies of many, s

I’m Divorced, But I’m a ChaebolChapter 47

Even though I was destined to get married in this world overnight, I tried to adapt and live normally, but my trashy husband who thought cheating wasn't enough, he also asked me for a divorce. I'm already tired of him, so I willingly divorced him and

Please Don’t Come To The Villainess’ Stationery Store!Chapter 25

Please Don't Come To The Villainess' Stationery Store at "A useless thing like you has no value in our family. Take this money and leave immediately!""Yes! Goodbye!"She became the incompetent villainess who commits wrongdoings in order to earn the lo

I Will Remove Them From My LifeChapter 46.5

I was strangled to death by my cheating husband when I asked for a divorce. I thought that would be the end of my painful life. "I'm young...?" When I opened my eyes again, I went back to being a 12 year old daughter of count who had no power and cou

Father, I’m Definitely Not the Villainess Side CharacterChapter 5

Father I'm Definitely Not the Villainess Side Character at I reincarnated! The good news is I'm still alive! The bad news is that I am a devil incarnate and everyone wants to murder me. If my father was not strong-willed enough, I might have been kil

Astra’s DreamChapter 4

The background of the story is in Shanghai and London. How various characters meet up due to a strange tie of fate starting from 1920Dreams of Huang ji / mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you ma

I’m Not the Hero!Chapter 27

"I'm a witch!" After ending the difficult life of Cheon Eun-ha due to an accident and bad luck, Bris was reborn as a witch in a fairy tale. Even from his friend Sion, he hides the fact that he is a witch and lives alone a little far from the village.

Lillian of TurinChapter 37

"When you fed a hungry beast, you should've been prepared for this." I didn't want to be a bad mother and the source of trauma for the male lead in the original. So I just decided to strengthen the relationship between me and my brother, as well as f

Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess!Chapter 28

"Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! , / Bt nt mnh i m, n phn din i! / !I, Yvonne, reinca

Marriage of ConvenienceChapter 30

Bianca de Blanchefort. The wife of Zachary de Arno, thrown out of Arno family after his death due to her self-indulgent, frivolous, and immoral behavior. She had nowhere to go, the Blanchefort family having already fallen to ruin, and was more or les

Saikyou no Mamono ni Narumichi wo Tadoru Ore, Isekaijuu de Zamaa wo Shikkou suruChapter 11

Saikyou no Mamono ni Narumichi wo Tadoru Ore, Isekaijuu de Zamaa wo Shikkou suru , , Saiky no Mamono ni Naru Michi O Tadoru Ore, Isekaij de Zam Wo Shikk Suru , Saiky no Mamono ni Naru Michi O Tadoru Ore, Isekaij de Zam Wo Shikk Suru "I" who died in

Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei Shita hazu ga Marie Antoinette DeshitaChapter 5

Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei Shita hazu ga Marie Antoinette Deshita, I Was Supposed to Be Reincarnated as a Villain but I Reincarnated as Marie Antoinette , Marie Antoinette Was Supposed to Be Reincarnated as a Villain , A Christmas cake office worker g

The Wicked Girl Is Arriving TonightChapter 18

The Wicked Girl Is Arriving Tonight The Villainess Descends Tonight , Tonight the Villainess Will Come If Li Xing unexpectedly received the abuse residue and becomes stronger, she can absorb the decomposition value and strengthen her attributes, and

I Will Remove Them From My Life (Delete those from my life)Chapter 25

I was strangled to death by my cheating husband when I asked for a divorce. I thought that would be the end of my painful life. "I'm young?" When I opened my eyes again, I went back to being a 12 year old daughter of count who had no power and couldn

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes lead to Doom! Official anthology comic – Sweet Memories ~Chapter 3

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes lead to Doom! Official anthology comic Sweet Memories ~

There’s No Such Thing As a Villainess Route? Not in My Book!Chapter 8

There's No Such Thing As a Villainess Route? Not in My Book!, Akuyaku Reijou Route ga Nai Nante, Dare ga Itta no?I reincarnated into the world of an otome game as the villainess "Ophelia".I thought I'd be able to enjoy a peaceful school life, but to

The Villainess wants to get rid of her husband! -I was doing whatever I wanted, but for some reason it was called “The Crown Prince’s Book”Chapter 5.3

The Villainess wants to get rid of her husband! -I was doing whatever I wanted, but for some reason it was called "The Crown Prince's Book"~ , ! When I wake up, I realized I reincarnated as the Villainess Anastasia, in the world of an otome game. Bu

Becoming the Villainess: Working Behind the Scenes to Make My Bias ShineChapter 2.1

Becoming the Villainess: Working Behind the Scenes to Make My Bias Shine, , Akuyaku Reijou wa Kyou mo Karei ni Anyaku suru Tsuihougo mo oshi no Tame ni Akutou to Shite Shien Shimasu!In order for my biases to shine, I took on the role of the villaine

The Struggle of the (Temporary) Villainess. I Realized I’ve Reincarnated Into Another World So I’ll Break off the Engagement and Find My SoulmateChapter 2.2

The Struggle of the (Temporary) Villainess. I Realized I've Reincarnated Into Another World So I'll Break off the Engagement and Find My Soulmate , The Villainess' (Temporary) Struggle I realized I've reincarnated into another world so I'll break off