Completed Manga

Boss in SchoolChapter (END)

Seth Kwon was a born fighter. But due to his promise with his mother, he decides to stop fighting, even in self-defense Everything changes when his father dies and leaves him with a single message: "stop getting your ass kicked".Toomics toon,Release:

Ultimate OutcastChapter 69

Most outcasts are ostracized because they look different, talk different, or live different. But not everyone. And not every previous outcast turns into a revenge machine. After seeing his friend suffer a horrific incident, the once outcast, Kang Han

Sun-ken RockChapter 171

Ken is a Japanese man, and Ken's love interest Yumin moves to Korea to become a police officer. He then decides to follow her to also become a police officer but instead ends up becoming the leader of a small Korean gang. What will happend to Ken?

In Another World, I’m Called: the Black Healerchapter 49

One day, 22-year-old Kanzaki Misuzu is mysteriously dragged into another world. Based on the status screen she can access, it seems she's entered some kind of RPG as a magic user! Luckily for her, she can use the gaming skills she acquired as an otak

ASURAChapter 84

ASURA is the champion of the hot narakas (hells), but there's no one left for him to fight anymore. Then he hears Indra, the strongest being in the world, has appeared

DokgoChapter 90

After Kang Hu's death from bullying, the family was torn into pieces. His younger brother suppresses his resentment and heads back to school. The story begins exactly one year after Kang Hu's death when his brother seeks to destroy the delinquent cir

Vitamin C Vitamin DChapter 60

A complicated relationship sparks as a new transfer student, Dylan, meets Corey, a girl who's always mistaken as a guy.


One day, Kyouji Himuro hears a knock on his door. Opening it up, he finds that he is transported to another world. But his new life is not good. He has no fighting skill, no money, and no way to make food. While dumpster diving, Kyouji discovers seed

Dokgo RewindChapter 272
ActionDramaMartial ArtsWebtoon

The Prequel to the series "Dokgo". Read that first before you read this.

Kimetsu no YaibaCh.205.5

Since ancient times, rumors have abounded of man-eating demons lurking in the woods. Because of this, the local townsfolk never venture outside at night. Legend has it that a demon slayer also roams the night, hunting down these bloodthirsty demons.E

TWOMANChapter 82

The vengeful soul of a murdered detective makes a deal with a bullied student that changes both of their lives forever!

The ClimberChapter 170

From Stiletto Heels: On his first day of transferring to a new high school, a loner named Mori Buntarou, is cajoled by a classmate into climbing the school building. Despite knowing that one misstep could send him spiraling to his death, he moves for

The Blue LandChapter 89

One day, violent crimes detective Kang Jungwoo stumbles across a huge room full of cash and finds himself being hunted down by the rich and powerful. But exactly how far does this conspiracy go?

The Breaker: New WavesChapter 201.5

After his master (Goomonryong) destroys his ki-center, Shioon leaves the world of the Murim for a normal life to which he believes his master was trying to return him. But for a boy who holds the Phoenix medallion of the Sunwoo clan and the knowledge

The BreakerChapter 72

The new English teacher, Chun-Woo, is not your ordinary teacher. Shioon, a victim of constant bullying, unexpectedly witnesses Chun-Woo's fighting prowess, and begs him to make him his disciple. Chun-Woo claims he can teach Shioon only if he is truly

Pure Girl – Chunqing Yatou HuolalaChapter 479

Pure Girl Chunqing Yatou HuolalaAfter getting drunk, Luo Yao Yao was sexually assaulted by the boss of the Imperial Dragon gangTwo years later, she works as an elevator girl in a large business, and their paths cross once againA hot romance story th

HolylandChapter 181
ActionDramaMartial Arts

Yuu is a high school kid who doesn't really fit anywhere. To find a place he can belong, be accepted, he will do anything. However one thing leads to another and he is forced to fight to keep his place, his holyland.

Transfer Student Storm BringerChapter 92

Ju Ingong (which literally translates to Main character) has been terrifying all his schoolmates in every school he has been so far. He has one extremely scary face type and whoever lays his eyes on him thinks he is a BAMF. Although is he really?

Kengan AsuraChapter 236.5
ActionMartial Arts

Since the Edo periods of Japan, gladiator arenas exist in certain areas. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and merchants hire gladiators to fight in unarmed combat where winner takes all. Tokita Ohma, nicknamed "Asura", joins these arenas and

Sealed LipsChapter 150

She was exploited, mistreated by her stepmother and stepsister. They were scum, insane, crazy. She became a tool for her sister's success. After dying of a painful death, she was reborn. In her previous life, she had a fiancee that she admired and lo

CursorChapter 47

Cursor (??) is a Korean webtoon series written by Kim and illustrated by Sqt. It is published weekly on Lezhin. After a man suddenly starts seeing a cursor, he follows it on a journey that will lead him along a perfect path.

The Devil’s DescendantsChapter 48

I have the cursed skill that lets me know who the criminals are. It's my job to get rid of them from this world.

The Wolf Won’t SleepChapter 16

On a fervent quest to become stronger - the heroic tales of the adventurer Lecan start! The One-Eyed Wolf Lecan, jumped into a black hole he found in the confines of a labyrinth, falling into another world. No matter the world he is in, the adventure

Arrogant CEO: Wife HunterChapter 273

"Don't touch our mom!" Two children, a boy and a girl, block the demon boss outside. The woman he has his eyes on was not only claimed by someone else first, but also has two kids! "Heart robber, get out here!" Facing the crazy roars of the king is t

Kimi no Okasan o Boku Ni Kudasai!Chapter 33.5

New Manga UP! romantic comedy about a freeter who ended up falling in love with a single mother.

Monster ChildChapter 61

Not only is Charlotte becoming stronger, but Charlie is also changing Each of them are missing something the other hasBut will they be able to help each other out?

Ester de Valoniachapter 10.1

The king of the strongest demon nation, "Ester de Valonia," is a weak human?! Charon is a player who reigns over the strongest nation, Ester de Valonia, in the VRMMOSLG game, "Apocaryspha". After a certain maintenance issue, he finds himself another

I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags… Comic Anthology Mangachapter 14

A collection of 14 short stories by various mangaka, centered around the hit series I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess with Only Destruction Flags LINEUP [Working titles TBC] 1. "Super Farmer Recommendations" by Sakurai Yukke 2. "Gera

Ghost StoriesChapter 4

Gokushufudou's Oono Kousuke's legendary gag horror returns!

Kyou kara Ore wa!!Chapter 366

After Mitsuhashi's family moves into a new neighborhood, he decides to use the opportunity to become a delinquent. Upon meeting Itou he finds out that he wasn't the only one who had this idea. Making friends and foes along the way will these two take

Such a Cute SpyChapter 40

A North Korean spy has infiltrated South Korea to find the math genius Donggu Park! Her mission? Seduce Donggu Park and bring him back to North Korea!

Killer StallChapter 53

"Once upon a time, I was the f**king boss" Choo, a middle-aged restaurant owner, is being ripped off by a couple of no good teenagers! They might think he's a nobody, but there is a past to him that nobody knows. And nobody should know. Is he just a

Flower Warchapter 22

Near future. As the earth reaches its end due to environmental pollution, the earth wakes itself up from the ancient sleeping guardian (flower-like biological weapon). They attack mankind, the culprit of environmental pollution, and trying to destroy

Takayukashiki Shoujochapter 34

Kamiwazumi Jun lives alone in an old house with a shrine. As a result, people sometimes leave random things outside his house, like kittens or an unconscious girl?! The woman in question claims to be a robot from the future who has come back in time

Why don’t you lift up that skirt and show me yours, Sister?chapter 15

My brother started looking for people. He seems to be looking for a woman he fell in love with at a mask party. The only reference he has of that beautiful woman is only a small mole on the inner part of the thigh. And that woman is Ne-chan !? A lov

The KnuckleheadsChapter 84

Two dirt poor hillbillies get into a fight with a rising tycoon. Will these two knuckleheads be able to triumph over the power of money?

Negawakuba no Konote ni Koufuku Wochapter 12.2 END!

Aah, if I had do it all again, I'd rather die. Adventurer Lughys spent his days as a loser. Opporessed by his party members, so called "comrades", the road to being a hero or a legend was a long ways away. Then suddenly, a mysterious shadow called ou

Mamonotachi wa Katazuke Rarenaichapter 25

Monsters can't clean (their homes), hence a sister who can does that for them.

Raise Kamikachapter 29

A Boy-Meets-Girl story between Ookuni Raise, a high school boy who was left to fend for himself by both his parents, and the transfer student girl, Mikami Kamika. Due to an unfortunate incident, Raise ended up rubbing Kamika's breast, which in turn l

The Fogchapter 50 - End!

A desolate town thought a new chemical facility would bring economic revival but instead chaos breaks loose after a gas leak. It causes a mysterious and toxic fog to consume the town, leaving behind a trail of death and mutation. The fearful townspeo

The Boy and the SeaChapter 32

Kang Haru, also known as Kay-D from the popular idol group Miracle Knights', is running away from his life of fame but what will he find on this charming little island?

Rule – Annihilation classroom –chapter 29 End!

Yashima Kashiwagi is a freshman who has transferred to the elite Kusushu Gakuen High School. He quickly became friends with Hasebe Yuki living next door and Kimi Miyazaki. He tries to adapt to his new environment and being friendly with everyone but

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! GIRLS PATCHchapter 9

A Hamefura anthology focused on the series' female cast, published through Comic Yuri Hime.

The Evil EmpressChapter 36

It's a story in an empire where women are superior to men. The Goddess of War gets reborn in the body of a good-for-nothing noble lady after suffering from an unjust execution and dying. She seeks revenge with violence, becomes a wealthy woman, and h

Fate and contract wife ( Pamper My Fiancee )Chapter 48

Fate and contract wife with other name: Pamper My FianceeShe died and reincarnated into a family drama.He rescued her for what reason?

They Say I Was Born A King’s DaughterChapter 264

After spending most of her youth fielding the attention of countless wealthy suitors, Suhee Kim finally finds true love with a steady boyfriend named Jinsu Han. But then tragedy strikes, and Suhee is murdered in cold blood.To Suhee's surprise, she is

Mad Summer Schoolchapter 18

It is a scorching summer in Japan and Hiromi is studying hard for her exams as she wants to enter her university of choice. She was raised by her mother as her father, a week known researcher had gone missing when she was much younger. One day though

NovaChapter 38

A man claims to be the homesitter of a mansion.Strange things start to happen in the townthe moment he arrives