Sword MasterChapter 11
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MIGHTY MARVEL MARTIAL ARTS DOUBLE TROUBLE! ALL NEW ONGOING SERIES! You saw him tear through Fire Goblins in WAR OF THE REALMS with his big, damn magic sword! Now learn the mysterious origins of LIN LIE, A.K.A. SWORD MASTER, Marvel's newest Chinese su

God of Martial Arts (Original Translation)Chapter 521
ActionMartial ArtsSupernatural

Original Translation of the manhua, This is released weekly and currently ahead of the fan made translationsChapter 456 = 154.3 Chapter 441 = 147.3In this world, respect is earned with martial arts.Weak martial artists have strengths of tens of tho

Keep A Low Profile, Sect LeaderChapter 144
ActionMartial Arts

Traveling to the world of Tian Xuan, can't believe I've become a useless sect's leader! Paying money in the city to be reborn in a game's realm. Making the players my workers, collecting the main characters from the world as my underlings. If we're t

Mushroom BraveChapter 76

A Small mushroom monster, try to make a comeback, try to become the strongest hero!

The Marquess’s Daughter Plays the Perfect PawnChapter 25

Koushaku Reijou wa Tegoma wo Enjiru / The daughter of a marquess, Julianna is known as the "perfect lady" by society. However, she has a secret. She's only enjoying acting like the perfect lady! Her true self is hidden under an invisible mask. One da

When We BloomChapter 13

About When We Bloom Manhwa. Lee Rowa, a first-year high schooler, was standing in the empty area behind the school building "You better keep your promise." And soonbeing threatened.

Grand Master Knight Has Become the PrincessChapter 28

Christina, a girl raised like a boy, is the grand master knight of the guards assigned to Prince Leonardo of the kingdom of Lobolovsky, as well as the prince's friend. One day, the prince asks her to pretend to be his betrothed for the sake of the co

Born as the Daughter of the Wicked WomanChapter 45.5

I was born as the daughter of a wicked woman in a novel. At birth, my mother had already been exposed to her evil deeds and was confined to the spire, and would soon face a miserable death in the hand of the main characters. I looked at my mother, wh

Marriage of ConvenienceChapter 59

Bianca de Blanchefort. The wife of Zachary de Arno, thrown out of Arno family after his death due to her self-indulgent, frivolous, and immoral behavior. She had nowhere to go, the Blanchefort family having already fallen to ruin, and was more or les