Hitomonchaku Nara Yorokonde!Chapter 4

Mamoru Hitomi, "the Angel of HR," is famous on social media for being a talented, beautiful business consultant. Unhappy with her job, however, she goes out drinking and spends the night with a mysterious stranger who changes her life!

A Love You Can’t EscapeChapter 12

One is the pillar of the future with a famous family, the other is an ordinary married wife, who doesn't speak much. A few years ago, a few years of pursuit, a few years of reunion. "With me by your side! No one can hurt you!"

Puss in Suit, Pup in TieChapter 51
ComedyRomanceShounen Ai

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."Sunwoo looks like a harmless little puppy on the outside, but everyone in the office kn

Office Romance ConfidentialChapter 74

Working for a counseling helpline is never boring, but when Yoochae takes one last call for the night, she learns of a company's sinister secret from the charming yet rash Sunho. Suddenly, that company's best problem-solver, the handsome Yool Sun, pa

Pampered by Stern-Faced CEOChapter 60

Her husband brought the mistress home publicly, and they even saw her bedroom as their own. Shen Yan is extremely despairing, and accidently took Dongfang Li's luxurious car as toilet after drunk. After signed a contract, she finally realized that Do

The Essence Of A Perfect MarriageChapter 66

My husband is in love with my younger sister. And of all things, I found out about it on my birthday, which is also the day I died. But I somehow traveled back to one year ago?The day I came back from the dead, I decided. This time, I have a year to

101 Ways to Win Her HeartChapter 40

Minyoung - having graduated from an all-girls middle school, high school, and college and now working as a lingerie designer - knows zero-to-nothing about men and subsequently has never dated anyone. When the CEO of her company suggests setting her u

Toumei Otoko to Ningen Onna ~Sonouchi Fuufu ni Naru Futari~Chapter 12

Yakou, a gentle human woman, works at a detective agency.The owner of the office, Mr. Tounome, is a smart and kind "invisible man".The Invisible Man's abilities are perfect for detective work, but Yakou, who is blind, can mysteriously figure out wher

Match Made in HeavenChapter 12

It all started with a small misunderstanding...! Jiwoo doesn't plan on getting married, especially since her sights are set on inheriting her grandfather's company. That's why she has to find out everything she can on Minwoo Kang, her betrothed. So s

The Savage WorldChapter 66

For the past three years Kijin Lee has lived as a secretary to Director Jinheon Joo of Xitec Trading with little to no personality or will of her own - even a haircut required his permission. With sales at Xitec Group plummeting, she's been transferr

The Persimmon SecretaryChapter 48

Gam Yoo Eun won the lottery with the leftover money from buying a bungeoppang after working overtime, as always.She tried to quit her job as President Chae Do Hyuk's secretary, a boss notorious for living solely for his work"Lately, my head is full w

Office GodsChapter 48

Read manhua Office GodsWhat's it like to work at an office where all of your bosses are literal gods and goddesses? Iris, a young human woman, is swept into the world of divine bureaucracy as a mailroom assistant in the corporate HQ of the Olympians

A Contractual Couple AgainChapter 50

Gun-ha and Seo-yeon were strongly attracted to each other, but because they lived completely different lives their marriage ended short and eventually they chose to divorce.Five years later, Gun-ha proposes to Seo-yeon again to be a 'contract couple'

Heart CrushChapter 50

A love story between a surgeon and her professor.Crush Heart /

My Investor is A VampireChapter 4

The company of the entrepreneur Zhao Man Man was in serious deficit. She initially wanted to search for a job that can resolve the problem of having enough food and warm clothes after applying for bankruptcy. Unexpectedly, her investor, Xiao Ce, sudd

In-house stalking is prohibitedChapter 45

Therefore, stalking within our company is prohibited." SA Company CEO Park Si-an. 188cm tall, looks like a celebrity uppercut! Estimated assets: XXX billion won! 3rd generation real tycoon! He has been suffering from vicious stalking lately! The like

A Close Call RomanceChapter 26

An obscure actress named Kim Eun-hong, who alternates between minor roles and extras.On her way home drunk after being dumped by her boyfriend of nine years, Kim Eun-Hong became involved in an accident with Lee Kang-il, the CEO of LJ Pharmaceutical.B

The CEO is an Idol StanChapter 13
ComedyRomanceShounen Ai

A foolish CEO who didn't want to work, come experience an idol stan's foolish daily life.The author is busy earning a living, updates whenever

In a passionate relationshipChapter 40

At the young age of 34, there was a man who rose to the position of head of production for an advertisement company. ' Kim Yoon' is a perfect man who has not only abilities but also an appearance that can beat celebrities but he had one flaw..." Secr

Office Marriage, After a BreakupChapter 14

Pak Manager bucin tapi aku suka Dawon and Taehyun, the official couples of K&C, She thought that they would get married well, but they broke up as Taehyun's wish. Dawon was shocked to find out that the opponent was Yoojung, a new employee in the same

Three’s a CrowdChapter 40

The Man, Woman, And That Man / / / He, She, HeNot your ordinary love triangle. Yeonwoo's girlfriend, Jiyeon, leaves him without explanation. In a cooking class, Yeonwoo meets a new friend who happens to be Sujin - a higher up at the company he is i