Finding my Daddy for Mommy

Finding my daddy for mommy, Genius Cool Treasure: The President’s Wife Is Too Powerful

Authors : Sihai

Status : ONGOING

Genres : Comedy , Drama , Liexing , Ping Ping Jun , Romance

Chapters: 220

Last update: 4 days ago

3.8 /5 (1600 votes)

Finding my Daddy for Mommy"Genius Cool Treasure: The President's Wife Is Too Powerful" is a web comic serialized by a Japanese writer. The comic tells that five years ago, in a tent with black lights, the woman drove him drunk, and gave birth to twins and lost one. Five years later, the woman filmed him secretly, healed his hidden illness, stole his heart, and took a small bun to abduct his other son to play missing. Feng Yizhen swears that she must catch the woman's fierce affection and let her know that she has to pay the price.

Finding my Daddy for Mommy