Phantom HighAfterword.

Phantom High manhwa Don't let them find out you're human! Ingan Kim, a normal human man, suffers an unfortunate fate of having to work as a teacher in Hell's Phantom High, where spirits and monsters are students. His only chance at survival is an eli

Great Zhou Immortal OfficialsChapter 8
ActionComedyMartial arts

Deatte hito Tsuki de Zecchou Jorei!Chapter 38

Deatte hito Tsuki de Zecchou Jorei! manga, Climax Exorcism With A Single Touch! , @comic , It's like Jujutsu Kaisen but the MC's power is fingering the ghosts until they cum, also there are a lot of girls with big boobs.Climax Exorcism.It is an obsce

I’ll Get Serious After I DieChapter 5

I'll Get Serious After I Die manga, Shinde Kara Honki Dasu Takai Sena, a victim of relentless bullying at her high school, wishes she could die and reincarnate into another world. One morning, after pushing a neighborhood cat out of the way of an onc

Guardian Of The LordChapter 133

Ji Ling Er is in a state of panic because she can see monsters. She was desperate to survive, but she met a man with infinite life but he just like is a walking monk who is bent on death. Only he can protect her and help her to drive away from the mo

Okiku-san wa IchatsukitaiChapter 10

Okiku-san wa Ichatsukitai manga, The centuries-old evil spirit Okiku has decided to return with one objective: flirting as much as possible with Hijiri Ryouyou the most powerful and beautiful exorcist of modern times.

Make way Meiou-sama Coming Through!Chapter 12.2

Make way Meiou-sama Coming Through! manga , Meiou-sama ga Tooru no desu yo! , Osamu, a young man who died at a young age due to an incurable illness. His second life was to drift as a "spirit (demon)" in an unknown world! Osamu, who is hated by human

Kamui the One Standing Behind YouChapter 25

Kamui the One Standing Behind You manga, Ushiro no Shoumen Kamui-sanShizuka is a normal high school girl with the ability to see ghosts.Due to her peculiar tendency to attract ghosts, she works as an assistant to Kamui, a famous psychic.Kamui takes

Monokano – Mononoke Kanoji-tachi to Matching Shita Shushoku no OreChapter 4

Monokano Mononoke Kanoji-tachi to Matching Shita Shushoku no Ore manga, Monokano Me, a Staple Food that Matched with the Mononoke Girls , Yuya Kusaka, a carefree salaryman, who was enjoying his single life, until a kouhai colleague of him invited h

Ura Baito: Toubou KinshiChapter 85

Ura Baito: Toubou Kinshi manga , Shady Part-Time Jobs: No Escape, :Ura baito, also known as a shady part-time job. A gray area job that pays very well. Yume Kokuryo and Nagomi Shirahama are seeking a large sum of money for some reason. To that end, t

Children of IllusionChapter 34

Children of Illusion manhwa, Tae-kyung, who is sick of ghosts, got entangled with someone more dangerous than ghosts at the cursed school.

When I reincarnated in the horror world, there was a murderer’s recommendationChapter 4

When I reincarnated in the horror world, there was a murderer's recommendation manga, Horage Sekai ni Tensei Shitara Satsujinki no Oshigaita ;

I Have a House in the Yellow SpringsChapter 10

I Have a House in the Yellow Springs manhua, Ding Xiaoyi's grandfather passed away and the Ding family business went bankrupt.Ding Xiaoyi initially thought that his life as a rich second generation was over. However, he later discovered that his gran

The School’s Urban LegendsChapter 16

We'll give your standard urban legend with a comedic twist! A touch of science will turn a seemingly scary ghost story into a comedy! There is a ghost that plays piano by dropping her blood onto the keys!? Wait Just how dense does the blood droplet h

The Tired Office Lady and Ghost ArmsChapter 14

The Tired Office Lady and Ghost Arms manga, OL and Ghost Arms , Otsukare OL to Ude no Manga , OLA stressed office lady is comforted by a pair of mysterious, ghostly arms.

Short Horror StoriesChapter 15

Short Horror Stories manga, A collection of short horror stories