This Song Is Only For YouChapter 63

Behind the glow of the spotlight, how many secrets lay hidden, unbeknownst to anyone? When a lazy A-list rock star meets a kind but cold surgeon, what surprises await? Stripping off the mask, the true identity is revealed, and salvation is within rea

My Babes Are My Wingmen!Chapter 91

My Babes Are My Wingmen at A cunning agent, a bossy president, and heart-melting twins. How will the story unfold?Years ago, An Jiujiu was set up by her step sister and slept with a man. The one night stand ruined her reputation but left her a baby.

EschatologyChapter 37

As a ruthless gang killer, Charles Mu regards completing tasks and protecting the safety of the gang's lady Chelsea White as his only goal in life. However, the advent of the end times disrupted his life trajectory, and Miss White unexpectedly turned

Princess Tigress Reborn: Hug Me General!Chapter 160

Princess Tigress Reborn Hug Me General at The white tiger of the General died on the battlefield because of a subordinate's betrayal. Unexpectedly, she was reborn and went back to three years ago as a human. Wait? She is the one who is supposed to ma