Solte the TravelerChapter 8

Though magic has been forbidden for many long years, the effects of spells woven in bygone wars still remain in pockets of corruption blighting the world today. To uncover the secrets in the hidden reaches of this world and become the wise-woman of h

Sasaki to pii-chan, Isekai de Slow Life wo tanishimou to shitara, gendai de inou battle ni makikomareta ken ~ Mahou shoujo ga Up wo hajimeta you desu ~Chapter 3

The cute bird he bought from the pet store was actually a distinguished sage who reincarnated from another world. Bestowed the opportunity to cross between worlds and immense magical power, he decides to use it to live a comfortable life, selling thi

Shin Honkaku Mahou Shoujo RisukaChapter 13

The elementary schooler unlike any other, Kugi Kizutakawho is searching for "useful pawns" in order to achieve his own ambitionscomes to learn of Mizukura Risuka, a magician with the title "The Red Witch of Time." Risuka had left the Kingdom of Magic