The Heiress VS Young RuffianChapter 326

Bad luck! My dad kicked me out of the house! Then revenge a playboy whose grandfather was a gangster! That's not all! I go to the noble school to be the maid of four demons...

The Naive Mr. LuChapter 256

Dressed as a man, she is a lady killer with a perfect smile. Her motto is "Both women and men will fall for you as long as you work hard". Women like her. Men are so obsessed with her that they are willing to be un-straight. The uncrowned king Zong J

BLackmailed by Bossy CEOChapter 399

BLackmailed by Bossy CEO Comics Online. This is a comedy story about a popular idol who was frozen out by the entertainment company and gained extra weight of 100 pounds. She ended up work as the servant in the bossy president's house. She helped the

Peachy Lover ( My Little Peachy Girl )Chapter 276

An accident designed by her ex-boyfriend changed her life dramatically and her father's being put in prison make her to find someone powerful to help. And price she offers is herself. What she doesn't know is, that cold and bossy man she sells hersel

Boss, You Need A SpankingChapter 298

Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass In order to help out her best friend, Yasmin Lin pretended to be the mistress in a relationship and went head-to-head with the legal wife. Unfortunately, she mistakenly smashed Ji Group's president Laurence Ji's luxury car. I

Marry to Find LoveChapter 126

She's been married for three years without knowing who her husband is, yet"What do you call me?" He smirked, chest vibrating as his husky voice licked her ear."PPresident?""Wrong!" He pressed harder, sending sensations down her delicate spine."Huhubb

Unforgettable Love Of MineChapter 90

"1 million, no more!""I know I'm very handsome but you don't have to look at me like that, I'll feel shy.""Once you put it on, you can never get rid of it"He gave her the ultimate care, but also made her the prisoner of love. How can she find the rig

Being a Substitute for President’s BrideChapter 143

Her sister ran away with other man the day before wedding, and she became a substitute to marry the guy full of anger. On the wedding night, the handsome guy said without emotions "please fulfill my wife's obligations." She was called by her sister's

Invalid Engagement: Ex-wife’s RemarriageChapter 134

During the two-year marriage, Jason Lu has his own monthly routine, spending one night with her and mercilessly forcing her to eat contraceptive in the next morning. She's been in love with him for ten years. But she witnessed him haunting with other

Always My Real HusbandChapter 144

A one-night stand with my real husband? Being entangled by evil women? The first lover returns? Even though you're a president, you can't do whatever you want! Zack, don't forget you have a wife.

The Devil’s Hardcore LoveChapter 76

The Devil's Hardcore Love Comics Online. Tricked into the wealthy and powerful Song family, Tang zhuya is imprisoned and forced to become Master Song's maid. She is bullied and tortured mercilessly because of "some debt" her mother owed to the family

Concubine of WealthChapter 98

A sheet of contract and a ransom of ten million changed her into a close maid to an evil-like billionaire. Although once a rich young lady, she was made a puppet nowadays. He tried his best to torture her only for her to give birth to a boy to reveng

The “Giantess” Wants LoveChapter 218 - Extra 2 [END]

The "Giantess" Wants LoveThe self-abased girl turns into a domineering super model, this is a story about female transformation.Novel and funny characters, a super popular and romantic city light comedy.As a lovely girl that is 1.8-meter-tall, Gao Ra

Offending A BillionaireChapter 112

Offending A Billionaire Comics Online. A young woman married into a wealthy and influential family. What had happened on her wedding night was made into X-rated video and grabbed the headlines. Driven painful and dreadful by such a man, would she be

Stockholm LoverChapter 73

Stockholm Lover Comics Online. Jian xi, an ordinary girl who leads a simple life works as a common office worker. Not a single time has she imagined to have something to do with danger and richness. But that day a gang surrounded her searching her ba

My Underworld BoyfriendChapter 465

Subrina meets the rogue who kisses her. He is very handsome. No, super handsome, but he is not some unknown small potato, but the biggest leader of the underworld Jim Feng. He tells her to wait for him after school, but she is afraid of being killed

Counter-Attack of A Pregnant ActressChapter 126

Qing Ruan is upright and proud. She always looked down on the ways of the entertainment industry. Her many public criticisms won everyone's dislike. At the end of her graduation party, she fell into her best friend's trap to make her fall into bed wi

Ex-husband, Please Go Away!Chapter 97

Married by the parents' order, Kang Qiao's CEO husband Huo Si Nan has never touched her for half a year, and meanwhile her mother-in-law keeps creating trouble for her, and even brings another girl into Huo's mansion to live with Kang Qiao, it seems

Throw Myself On My Sweet MaidChapter 93

There's nothing more concerning than that attracting a man and vowing to marry him when being a drunken chaotic mess! Bai LiangChen got drunk at a bar, and somehow became the bride of a family That's not right, well to say it exactly, Lian JiaYun's p

Spoiling My Wife Like HoneyChapter 50

Yannah Yang is the heiress of the Yang family's medical company, but her parents died an early death and she was taken in by her uncle's family. Her uncle wanted to seize her family's property and drove her out of their household. In order to unseat

Scent of a GirlChapter 98

Scent of a Girl Comics Online. A conspiracy net plotted against her more than twenty years ago is being cast on her which entwined him and her together. He has a strange disease which got on him for years and she's his antidote. In order to get rid o

Hi, Wolf CaptainChapter 61

The moment she woke up, Qiao Yoyo felt that she had a long dream, and the dream brought her a angelical child. Many years later, she worked in a company, little did she think that he would meet the child's father Ye Yimin

Help! My PokeMAN Boyfriend Is REALChapter 38

Pokeman, a dating simulator game, is undergoing pre-launching testing. As its game tester, Fan Yin is having a BIG PROBLEM:The game character, aka. Fan Yin's virtual boyfriend, just became a living and breathing real person!A touchable, feelable, fli

The President’s Private SecretaryChapter 60

She accidentally witnessed the president murdering his secretary. "Become my secretary, or die!" With one contract, he sealed her fate. She became his personal secretary and arranged everything from his appointments to ghosting lovers. In the past, h

Addictive MarriageChapter 49

Because of her father's seriously ill, Ye Youyou came back home in a hurry, but unexpectedly she fell into a sham Her mother and elder brother sold her to a man who had a record of domestic violence for money. In order not to marry that old man to pa

I’m pretty and You’re handsomeChapter 49

I'm pretty and You're handsome Comics Online. On the eve of her wedding day, Lin Xiaoya is ambushed and abducted by a handsome stranger while jogging alone by a dark grove. As an illegitimate daughter, she has been arranged by the Lin family to marry

Your Spoiled Wife HereChapter 46

A rookie online novelist who grabs the attention of the online novel site's CEO. He helps her raise to frame and becoming the most famous online novelist. One thing leads to another, she has signed a marriage agreement

My Boss, My First LoveChapter 40

After finding her handsome boyfriend has cheated on her, 26-year-old Qin Shaofei immediately breaks up with him, and goes back to China. But on the plane, she has a conflict with a cute guy, who later helps her. After getting back to China, Qin Shaof

Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet HeartChapter 22

An accident happened seven years ago brought me to a vampire who dragged me down to deep darkness. As a consequence, I had to leave the man I loved with all my heart. When I returned to my home to start all over again, I met a bossy man who brought m

Boss’s Very Hot SummerChapter 24

Boss's Very Hot Summer Comics Online. Accidentally destroyed several very valuable photos, company's newbie Gu Yixin lost her way in the hands of the bossy boss Qi Xinchen...

Chuchu The Eye CandyChapter 42

Chuchu The Eye Candy Comics Online. Name's chuchu, currently jobless, no degree, no rich parents, having a BBF named Barbie who's a transvestite queenshit happens but we always look at the bright side of life, chuchu's luck begins when she's nearly h

The Red Eyed GirlChapter 1

The Red Eyed Girl Comics Online. This is the story of a girl who gets powers once her eyes turned red when she was only 8 which made people to assume she was an evil demon as some of the old stories they believe in claim and since then they caused he