The Star of a Supreme RulerChapter 33

The mighty crimson star of the supreme ruler has appeared!The child who receives the energy of this star would grow to become the supreme leader and also become the legendary star that will rule over the world!Cheon Ryuyeong, someone who grew from a

Flower WarriorChapter 4

Not Provided.

Worlds Best Assassin (MAnhwa)Chapter 8
ActionMartial Arts

Worlds Best Assassin manga, An Assassin of the Murim Alliance that inherited the work of a Demonic Cult Leader. He stands up after being down and out, and gets out into the Jianghu! This is the incredible Jianghu journey of the world's best Assassin,

Storm InnChapter 54
ActionMartial Arts

Storm Inn, , Storm Inn The Crimson Demon of the Battlefield, Jang Kirin. He spent his days in blood splattering war in the North for the last 13 years."Live a normal life."Those were the last words the general left me."The best way to live normally i

Severed headChapter 29

Severed head manhwa, The journey of a pair of siblings, danyoung and danri who is out to seek revenge against the arch nemesis of their parents.