Tenohira no Akira-kunChapter 13

Tenohira no Akira-kun manga, Akira-kun in My Palm Shiori is an office worker who has been feeling terrible ever since her breakup with her boyfriend. She's been trying to forget him but she found herself unable to move forward just yet and now she ur

Koi Suru FukurahagiChapter 9

Koi Suru Fukurahagi manga, Koisuru Fukurahagi, An excessively pragmatic Mie Haruhiko and an "experienced" Otome Urara love each other, but they keep finding each other at cross purposes.This is an awkward, fidgety office worker romantic comedy!

Are you okay with a (slightly) older girlfriend?Chapter 20

Are you okay with a (slightly) older girlfriend? manga, Choppiri Toshiue Demo Kanojo ni Shite Kuremasu ka? , ?, She was a little older than he , The JK I liked was 27 years oldOne day, the high school student, Kaoru Momota, saved the baby-face, big-b

The True Face That Your Lover Shows Only to You Is PreciousChapter 11.5

The True Face That Your Lover Shows Only to You Is Precious manga, Koibito ga Jibun ni Dake Misete Kureru Sugao ga Toutoi,

The Tired Office Lady and Ghost ArmsChapter 14

The Tired Office Lady and Ghost Arms manga, OL and Ghost Arms , Otsukare OL to Ude no Manga , OLA stressed office lady is comforted by a pair of mysterious, ghostly arms.

Readymade HeroineChapter 9

Readymade Heroine manga, Sakuma is a designer for a clothing company whose clothes don't sell well. To help improve her abilities, her boss Mizuno told her to participate in an external design competition. Her partner in this venture is Keito Tada, a

My President, Pretend To Be My Lover & Meet My FatherChapter 24

My President Pretend To Be My Lover & Meet My Father, Shachou, Koibito no Furi wo shite Watashi no Chichi ni Atte kudasai.The story centers on a fake romantic relationship between a company CEO and his top performer female subordinate. She's been bet

Black Dragon’s ChoiceChapter 46

Black Dragon's Choice manhwa, Black Dragon's Preference , Black Dragon's Taste , To others, Im Jinha is a superstar. But to attorney Cha Yoolli, he's just a loyal customer at her mom's book rental shop who exclusively reads books with dragons in th

Would you like to be a Tanuki?Chapter 6.5

Omae, Tanuki ni Naranee ka? , Would you like to be a Tanuki? , ?"Tired of life? Be a tanuki!"A story of being scouted by a raccoon dog when trying to die.