I was summoned to be the Saint, but I was robbed the position, apparentlyChapter 28.4

I was summoned to be the Saint, but I was robbed the position, apparently

I’m a Fake Saintess but the Gods are ObsessedChapter 43

I reincarnated into the body of a fake saintess who will die when the real saintess appears five years later. If I were to gather the monthly allowance given to the saintess I can at the very least buy a building! But while I was carefully setting up

I’m the Villainess, but the Capture Targets are too AbnormalChapter 14.6

.The villainess, Mystia, remembered her past life on her 10th birthday and has unwittingly turned the characters in the otome game "Kyun Kyun Love School" into yanderes!In order to avoid becoming the love rival of the "heroine" who will lead her to h

The Abandoned Princess’ Secret BedroomChapter 24

"A woman who does not know love, may you know the joy of pleasure."The curse of lust placed on Lewellyn, a princess who was once revered but miserably abandoned.In order to prevent the curse, she would have to spend the night with a man!She eventuall

A Trivial Extra in a Dating SimChapter 96

.Opening my eyes, I found my soul synced into the popular dating sim game, Midnight'! And although I was clearly one of the female protagonists, I possessed the body of Evenes Harin, the saint treated like a trivial extra. What's worse is that I must

Shiga Himechapter 31

From the author of Suzuki-san wa Tada Shizuka ni Kurashitai comes a story about a boy named Osamu Hirota who unwillingly loses his ability to live a normal life thanks to an immortal vampire woman and her former lackey Souichi. Cursed with the form o

Strange Love Rivals Increased!Chapter 51

After I isekai'd as the female villain of an otome game, I just wanted to avoid the death ending and live a peaceful life. But why are the male lead and female lead fighting over me?

Misunderstanding of the poor daughter Saint Lady ~If you worked hard for money, you could have a royal harem!?~Chapter 12

Even though she is a baron, she is an adventurer!? Then she died in the dungeon! When I woke up, a new life was waiting for me! Is she a saint, or a misunderstanding- Sophia's splendid (?) Saint Adventure Tan, which can't be beaten later, has finally

All These Wild Men Want to Marry Me!Chapter 83

All These Wild Men Want to Marry Me! manhua, , Rude Men All Want to Marry to Me Waking up in the world of "Love and Pandora", a trashy otome mobile game set on the Pandora Continent, the main character found that she had transmigrated as the renowne

With One Day Left I'll Break All the Destruction Flags: Chapter 7

Alexandra is the duchess of the Kingdom of Tarraconensis.It was only the day before the absolution event that she realized that she was the villainous daughter of an otome game!It's clear that she'll be denounced and her engagement will be broken tom

The villainess wants to punish the sadistic princeChapter 17

The villainess wants to punish the sadistic prince manga, The reincarnated villainess noblewoman wants to punish the sadistic prince , Tensei Akuyaku Reijou wa Misekake do S Ouji wo Oshioki shitaiSakai Masako (31) is a sadistic office lady. She was r

I Might Have Too Many HusbandsChapter 71

My Husbands Are A Little Too Much / Wo De Xianggong Youdian Duo / / / She transmigrated into a world where women rule supreme. Upon arrival, she is greeted by four vivacious husbands, this convinces her that she is be the choice of heaven. But wait

Raga of Withered BranchesChapter 52

Raga of Withered Branches, , Melody of The Deadwood Life is not fun.' So Alkeris decided to end his life. But the moment before the last moment, "You can't die. If you die, we die too." Five Bina appeared in front of her Armed with diverse persona

Searching for My Father's SonChapter 27

The Most BelovedChapter 64

One more shot at life! After her untimely demise, Xue Rong is rewarded with the chance to be reincarnated but this time as some sort of cute, furry creature! She soon realizes that not only is she in the distant past, but also smack dab in the middl

Falling in Love Is Not as Good as the Boy Band, CrownChapter 11

Falling in Love Is Not as Good as the Boy Band Crown manhua, Yun Shang was reborn before her debut with the little brothers, who are idols part of the popular band Crown, she found out she was reborn in the body of the "Vicious Female supporting actr

Wife, Please EnjoyChapter 2

CoherenceChapter 20

The Survival Game Of The VillainessChapter 10

The Survival Game Of The Evil Lady Yu Luna, a modern company slave who is suspected of sudden death due to overwork, was lucky enough to get a chance to return to reality, but the premise is that she needs to successfully capture all the male leads i

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes lead to Doom! Official anthology comic – Sweet Memories ~Chapter 9

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes lead to Doom! Official anthology comic Sweet Memories ~

Max level green tea transmigrates into little pitiful oneChapter 3

Lin Feilu, or better known by her nicknameGreen Tea Princess, was the best of all the scheming b*tches that the world had ever seen. She was the Oscar-winning actress among the masses with real life as her stage. Acting coy, slandering, feigning inno

Merit Egyptian GodChapter 5

Merit Egyptian God manga, Merit Aikyuu God , Merit is having her soul judged in the underworld when she realizes she has no recollection of dying. Only Anubis can open the gate which connects the land of the dead to the land of the living. However, A

My big boos daddy’sChapter 3

When the young monk Ji An Ruan, who didn't know her life experience, she was five years old, she was taken down the mountain by the master who raised her to entrust her to five dads who she hadn't met. Relying on her cuteness, Ruan Ruan successfully

Quarter of The SecretChapter 52

Quarter of The Secret , Yin Luowen's mother died in a sudden traffic accident. After receiving a parcel sent by her mother before her death, the "accident" seemed to be premeditated. Yin Luowen embarked on the journey of revealing the secret. Just a

I’m Not the Villain’s White Moonlight ( Wo Cai Bu Zuo Fan Pai De Bai Yue Guang!)Chapter 7

I'm Not the Villain's White Moonlight manhua, Wo Cai Bu Zuo Fan Pai De Bai Yue GuangBelle opens her eyes to find herself a noble within a romance novel on a mission to seduce the main character Duke Arges, known as "The Beast" to change the course