I Like Takachiho Honoka-senpai SO, SO MUCH That I Can’t Help Myself!Chapter 5

Six months after entering the university, Wakamatsu, a college student whose hobby is video games, happens to see a beautiful girl in a dress around town. In fact, she lives in the same dormitory as him (but in the women's wing). He's surprised to fi

The suicide note from the one I secretly loveChapter 28

Min Geol had a crush on Tae Eun the younger brother of the cafe owner that she often came to for a year. Suddenly one day Tae Eun asked her to deliver a letter to his older sister. It turned out to be a suicide note. Min Geol used to suffer the pain

Your 17-year-old DaysChapter 40

Lee Jae Gun is an ordinary high school student. The one and only difference about him is that he's had a crush on his childhood friend's brother. He once thought that everything would be perfect. Until one day, unexpectedly, Lee Jae Ha an exchange s

Weak Pretty School Boy’s Love StoryChapter 57

Lin Ran, a man with a more beautiful face than women's, is so timid that even cockroaches can scare him into scream, and his physical strength is also close to zero; meanwhile when he meets the heroic campus girl bully, will it be the journey of a gi

My King Hasn’t Come Of AgeChapter 51

As a violent girl and a terrible cook, she found a dragon boy who is on top of the food chain and eats anything. Will she feed him well and help him reclaim the throne?

Halfway in LoveChapter 87 - END

Meng Yixi was hit by a car after running away from the kissing scene between her crush and another girl. When she opened her eyes again, it was the soul of a girl from the Post-World War I period who was inside her body.