I’m Actually a Cultivation BigshotChapter 306

The Immortal Dao is ethereal, and Immortals are hard to find.Li Nianfan had descended into the cultivation world as a mortal. After learning that he has no hope in cultivation, he only wants to live a peaceful life.HoweverThe dog he adopts becomes a

Solo Farming In The TowerChapter 28

One day, a mysterious tower suddenly appeared in the city. The people decided to call it a dungeon, and while it was full of rugged terrain and dangerous monsters, it was also a land of opportunity, where countless treasures awaited. When Sejun, a yo

Dr. PlayerChapter 62

[By the studio that brought you and !]Raymond was the illegitimate son of the king.After being shamed and scorned, he ran away and became a healer only to end up being ridiculed for getting an F rank.Then, one day, a miracle came upon him.[You have

Undead King ~A Low-Ranking Adventurer, With the Power of Monsters, Becomes Unbeatable~Chapter 45

(skills). A power humans can only receive once from g**, which is used to fight against monsters.Chrome, who aspired to be an adventurer while owning a skill that is useless in combat, is unable to throw away his ambition, and is despised for his ina

Maxed Out LevelingChapter 53

Reborn Super DoctorChapter 161

The Because of the making a mistake in the capturing soul operation, doctor Xing Aofei was banged by a car and died, but he got a chance to be reborn because of the accident. Unfortunately, once again, Xing Aofei is destined to only be a doctor, and

Losing Money To Be A TycoonChapter 71

Finding himself back in time 10 years ago, though technically an almost parallel world in 2009, Pei Qian got a system where he gets money to run his business. The funds for business and personal use are separated. After a set period, he can earn his

Heir Of Mythical HeroesChapter 34

Han Jungmin, who is only top on in written exams', gave up becoming an adventurer as he didn't have the talent.After taking some time off from the adventurer academy, and as he started to write a fantasy novel[You have been plagiarised by the world.]

The Guidance on Black LotusChapter 175

Yu Chu, a top student in the 21 century, accidentally picked up a third-rate story about an ambitious ML avenging himself. Having finished the story, a voice appeared and the next thing Yu Chu knew was that she was transmitted into the book! What's w

Master of the Martial Arts LibraryChapter 32

Ha So-chan, the bas**** of the Ha family, lived a life full of despair. Even though he dedicated his life to training, the only thing he received was laughter and a destroyed dantian.Then came the miracle: Congratulations on becoming the master of th

Legendary Ranker’s ComebackChapter 40

One day, the dungeon apocalypse game, Dream Side, turned to reality. Having just completed University, I was stuck inside the elevator while delivering packages when a blue screen appeared before me, along with a monster! As I used to be the number 1

I Have Become The Demonic AncestorChapter 48

Not Provided

Immortal ManiacChapter 120

Ye Kong, a total hooligan, got chosen by a mysterious power which tore the time portal and sent him to an ancient continent where everyone pursued immortal through cultivation. Having become a unfavored child of Ye Family, Ye Kong knew his path of cu

Tonight Befalls Lady VengeanceChapter 100

Staro Lee was confined at the basement for five years, cheated and tortured by her fiance. This monster killed her four brothers and stole her family property. At the brink of death, a voice told her that she was granted another chance to change her

The Outcast Is Too Good at Martial ArtsChapter 34
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

Cha Mu-gyeol, the MMA fighter, succumbs by Chairman Jang's temptation and ends up in a vegetative state during a heavyweight fight. Later on, Chairman Jang uses him for his own image makeover. In the end, he dies and possesses a high school student's

Vengeance Of The Omnipotent AIChapter 77

Gu Ann, an artificial intelligence robot, is capable of travelling between virtual worlds. Her job is to avenge hosts and crack whoever fails them. She talks little, but moves ferociously. Whatever you scums obtain regardless of moral and manner, I w

Today stupid dirty top plays me againChapter 29

Male main character Qiu Yan Zhi immersed himself in a 3D love game in order to escape from reality, came upon his childhood friend He Zhou, their old feelings for each other came back again and the secrets of the game were gradually unveiled.

The rise of the eye of the nine realmsChapter 4

When Yang Xiaoyi, the son of God of War, crossed the crystal wall, his body was destroyed and he was reborn on the earth and entered the Ziwei Academy to practice. Because of his poor spiritual root qualifications, he was called the most wasteful stu

Dangerous Dungeon EscapeChapter 43

Go Insung did not pass onto he** or heaven after suddenly dying, but instead onto a dungeon. A place in between the afterlife and the world.And it's no normal dungeon, but one with a system.While being watched by the numerous dead of the afterlife, G

Bad Ending MakerChapter 22

"Please write your resignation letter, Mincheol-ssi."I objected to the management's billing policy, and was laid off overnight from the job I dedicated my youth to.And so, my life as Director of "Wings Online" came to an end.It's a game I created, an

Soul Of Burning SteelChapter 48

Qiao Xiu, betrayed and stabbed in the back, in the MMORPG, Entered the world of swords and magic after his death, the background of this world turned out to be the game he played. With his own experience in the game and his understanding of the syste

I’m Stuck On The Same Day For A Thousand YearsChapter 44

Wu Chen traveled through the new world, but was trapped on July 7, 2020, and kept reincarnating! He once indulged recklessly, did all kinds of evil things, and ran away in despair, but every new day, everything would start all over again. In this way

Start by signing in and obtaining the Ancient Divine BodyChapter 18
ActionComedyMartial arts

Jun Xiaoyao traversed a fantasy world, becoming the divine scion of an ancient and powerful clan. With an invincible background and astonishing talent, he also acquired a sign-in system. Starting by signing in, he obtained a complete Grand Ancient Di

The Peerless Powerhouse Just Wants To Go Home And FarmChapter 50

When Chen Fan transmigrated to the world of martial arts, not only was he abandoned by the system, he was also a cripple without martial spirit. He had no choice but to be the most inferior mortal. But unbeknownst to him, his home was full of divine

Spirit Pet Creation SimulatorChapter 28

On that day when meteors streaked across the sky, evil spirits appeared in the human world. When a [Spirit Pet Creation Simulator] binds itself to Ye Qianxing, he begins his journey to the top of the world. So you say you can make a contract with sev

Peerless Quest – The Cheat Skill Only I Can Use-Chapter 5

Using the cheat skill only I can use, "Quest Board", a seemingly average high school student fights his way through a myriad of incidents! A modern battle fantasy!"Congratulations! You have been selected to be a lab rat for G**'s ability verification

Rise of The Cheat UserChapter 21.5

Sun Ran, who was born in a slum, was a master at cheating in games. Under the guise of a myriad of identities, he traversed carefree through countless virtual words. Unexpectedly, he was kicked out of the virtual worlds by an Enforcer, and found hims

The Miraculous Physical TherapistChapter 15

Lee Gijeok Physical Therapist.The center is failing, and my girlfriend is drifting away!On a day when nothing goes right, after being hit by a falling star, a status window appears?!This is a story of a self-centered Man becoming the best physical th

I Get Stronger By Doing NothingChapter 15

Chu Tianshu, who was reborn in another world, finds himself in a wedding ceremony with a princess! In the face of the contemptuous passers-by, the schemes of his in-laws, and the oppression of the strong, Chu Tianshu, who is armed with cheats is dest

Back Then, I Didn’t Realize It Was A Big WinChapter 11

Seo Yeon-woo earns a living by playing games, and in the hidden quest game he's been given, he struggled for several months and received fragments of a cube as a reward. What are these cube fragments used for? Are these scammers? Give me back the tim

The Solo Necromancer Who Leads an Immortal Army Transfers to Become an Sss-Rank AdventurerChapter 6

"The ultimate ambition of the most formidable necromancer is to make friends?!"In the eleventh hour of the Saldia Empire's impending defeat, salvation arrives in the form of Rogue, a lone necromancer. Armed with immense power and leading legendary ai

Come On, I Need A Couple!Chapter 89

Come On I Need A Couple at "Shock! The ignorant teenager was used as a stud by some mature sister at the ancestral tomb? The strange disease in his body miraculously disappeared, and he also officially set foot on the path of immortality cultivation.

As A Fated Villain, It's Not Too Much To Destroy The Protagonist, Right?Chapter 7
ActionMartial arts

As a villain, it's not too much to overpower the protagonist, right?

I Rely On Plug-Ins To Hunt GodsChapter 229

The protagonist Zhang Yi was betrayed and killed by his brother and lover in the eighth year of Apocalypse in his last life. After rebirth, he returned to the day when Apocalypse occured. Relying on the memory of the previous life, Zhang Yi got a god

I Look Too Much Like The Boss And The World Actually Believes ItChapter 7

Moon Lord, Suliang! Tamer of the Divine Lunar Morpho Butterfly, a familiar with abilities to control time and space, yin and yang, I am the invincible youth that stands at the apex of this world! To get such a status upon reincarnation is like gettin

Qi Resurgence: Rising Of The Strongest HeroChapter 7
ActionMartial arts

Lu Bu is reincarnated in the era of Qi Resurgence and aims to become the world's strongest hero while protecting his family with an unparalleled cheat system.


Chu Guang, who had traveled to the post-apocalyptic world, discovered that he had unlocked a shelter system and was able to summon creatures named "player" from the previous world.From that day on, the whole post-apocalyptic world became like a game.

My Eternal ReignChapter 11

The world was suddenly attacked by a dungeon phenomenon. Mankind was able to overcome this disaster due to the Awakeners who could control the Gate Cards that had appeared along with the dungeons. In the midst of that, Okita Hikaru, someone who was b

Ancient God GamesChapter 1

Ancient G** GamesLin Hao, whose appearance was of a high school student, actual age unknown. Is kidnapped by an unknown ancient g** along with 5,000 other people. From this day onwards, Lin Hao and the others will travel from one brand new world afte

The Strongest Player That Was Forced To ReturnChapter 10

The world is facing complete destruction, all because of the monster's invasion!! and Wa** Yan, a big shot in the gaming community, surprisingly inherited the game character profession, Forced to start from scrap. Can the former top player subdue and

Millionaire PlayerChapter 40

Who's the lucky dog? Su Chen won one million skill points the first day he bounded with the system.Humph, so what does "mission" mean? Nothing! I will play around the world and do whatever I want!

Invincible Within My DomainChapter 7

What kind of shabby book can only make me invincible in a fixed small area? ! Cultivating can increase the range? ! In this terrifying world where ferocious beasts run rampant and monsters come forth in large numbers, this senior brother, I will reso

Divine Contract: Starting With A CatChapter 5

Xuan Ye, the evil sword saint, was reborn as a half-baked beast tamer. He used the strongest spirit beast summoning talisman given by the unreliable system, but only managed to summon a tsundere fat cat?! Fine, if you want to restore your previous cu

EschatologyChapter 37

As a ruthless gang killer, Charles Mu regards completing tasks and protecting the safety of the gang's lady Chelsea White as his only goal in life. However, the advent of the end times disrupted his life trajectory, and Miss White unexpectedly turned

Invincible Battle Power SystemChapter 0

Invincible Battle Power SystemRebirth against the odds, unlocking invincible battle power! A loser male protagonist, reborn against all odds, obtains the system. Just by killing monsters, he can upgrade and increase his battle power! And he can also

Invincible in the apocalypse: I’m the only beta playerChapter 3

Five years ago, the online game "Starshine" unexpectedly became a reality when no one expected it. As the only surviving closed beta player, Ye Chen tragically lost his life due to his own foolishness and naivety. However, perhaps fate had other plan

Gil Dong: The ExecutorChapter 3

While the Joseon Dynasty was on the verge of destruction by the ghostly spirits,' the only thing the people could rely on in place of the incompetent King was "Hwalbin," a righteous outlaw group. Gil Dong, the son of Hwalbin' group leader Hong Mun, w