Bad BoyChapter 110

I tried for 10 years to become her ideal type of good man but suddenly, she says she likes a bad man... Starting today, I am reborn as a bad man.

Queen of Posion: The Legend of a Super Agent, Doctor and Princess ManhuaChapter 295
ActionComedyDramaMartial Arts

Queen of Posion: The Legend of a Super Agent, Doctor and Princess at She is the secret service's trump card, a poison specialist, but also a young and cute girl with a sinister temperament. Contrary to her sweet and innocent appearance, she can compl

Ultimate OutcastChapter 69

Most outcasts are ostracized because they look different, talk different, or live different. But not everyone. And not every previous outcast turns into a revenge machine. After seeing his friend suffer a horrific incident, the once outcast, Kang Han

Contract Wife Runs away from the CEOChapter 479

Her best friend's planned a meticulous plan to schemed her. Her first time was snatched away by a cold demonic President. Her first love that once loved was also ruined. He threw down a marriage contract, ignoring her resistance and declare his posse

DokgoChapter 90

After Kang Hu's death from bullying, the family was torn into pieces. His younger brother suppresses his resentment and heads back to school. The story begins exactly one year after Kang Hu's death when his brother seeks to destroy the delinquent cir

The Runaway WifeChapter 241

On the eve of her wedding, her fianc cheated on her, her father went to jail and her mother died. In desperation, she went to meet the most popular man in G city, Quan Yuchen."Give birth to a son for me! I'll get your father out!""But first sign this

Dokgo RewindChapter 272
ActionDramaMartial ArtsWebtoon

The Prequel to the series "Dokgo". Read that first before you read this.

The Boss’s Shotgun WeddingChapter 383

She lost her virginity to a cold CEO, all because of her "bestie's" carefully designed traps. Gone was her years of love together with her first timeHe threw a marriage contract at her face, regardless of her resist. He's going to tell the whole worl

Incoming Mr High EnergyChapter 143

After a catastrophe, the biggest trouble facing humans is energy shortage! A brand new profession was thus born, controlling various elements such as iron, copper, phosphorus, gold, silicon, and carbon, they are the strongest combat power in the worl

My Contracted Wife is Cold to MeChapter 246

Cold-hearted wife it is not easy to bully herShi Xia Ben is the envy of the president s wife, but did not expect that behind the scenes is a contract marriage. The three-year deadline is approaching, but the president of Ao Jiao has proposed "let's

King of PilingChapter 6

'From now on, I will break your back.' Han Seo-Ah, a seemingly ordinary high school student, attends Hasa High School to bring order to the students. It's not using a game or a fight, it's piling! 2020 Grand Prize Winner.

If You Lay A Hand On My Brother, You're All DeadChapter 52

One day, she woke up from bed and opened her eyes to realise she has transmigrated into the BL novel .The protagonist of a crazy story who killed himself on the verge of death.I've become that protagonist's older sister... Rosalite!The issue is that

Transfer Student Storm BringerChapter 92

Ju Ingong (which literally translates to Main character) has been terrifying all his schoolmates in every school he has been so far. He has one extremely scary face type and whoever lays his eyes on him thinks he is a BAMF. Although is he really?

The Villainous Princess Wants to Live in a Cookie HouseChapter 69

I thought I'd been reincarnated as a child from a dirt poor home..."I'm here to pick up Anastasia, the imperial grandchild, Her Highness!"...It seems I've possessed the body of the princess who, in the original novel', craved power, only to meet a tr

My Vampire SystemChapter 7

The human Race is at war with the Vicious Dalki and when they needed help more than ever, THEY started to come forward.Humans who had hidden in the shadows for hundreds of years, people with abilities.Some chose to share their knowledge to the rest o

If I Were YouChapter 50

A maid swaps lives with a lady... Set in the Japanese colonial period, a young girl is gifted a maidservant who looks just like her on her 8th birthday. The fate of the two children entwines as they each carve out their own destiny, surpassing obstac

Xu Mi Qian Yuan JuanChapter 4

The young Taoist monk Cang Lan has descended from the mountain to take his new post at Ruyi Temple. The owner of the Temple, Yan Yeyu, is a devil who has been sealed at Ruyi, and now spends his days sleeping from laziness brought on by his past failu

Shade of ArcanaChapter 40

When the real world (and its dependence on Artificial Technology) is nearly destroyed by evil software, there is only one source of hope left for mankind Genesis Facility, deep in the Pacific Ocean. This lab houses a VR gaming world, where human con

Carrier Falcon PrincessChapter 62

A Kingdom under war.The 8th Princess of Roymonde, Zelleine, escaped in time amidst the chaosbut she woke up in a bird's body instead of a princess's?Gweeckkk'What is this? What is this animal's sound?Even worse, the bird she was "transmigrated" into

Modern Vampire SlayersChapter 12

Only the Slayer can save the world. Long ago, vampires were created by the devil as destroyers of humanity. Now a vampire is after something but can disguise itself like anyone. What happens when an experienced and blood-crazed vampire gets loose in

DepravityChapter 51

My first words when I saw my dad as a baby? "F**k." I don't know why, but I've always wanted to kill him... What's his dark secret?!

I’m Worried that My Brother is Too GentleChapter 49

"Your Highness! The papers have piled up like this!" I reincarnated as Irene Weber, the younger sister of an aide who is suffering from overtime because of the prince who is in love and neglects his work. Irene, who was buried in work before the rein

VillainsChapter 60.1

Unable to activate his superpowers since graduating from the prestigious Hero Academy, Ron struggles to land a job as a superhero. One day, Ron accepts a mysterious job interview where he gets scouted by Darren. The job? Be Darren's personal assistan

7FATES: CHAKHOChapter 17

In the corrupt city of Sin-si, Zeha suddenly wakes up in a hospital, unable to recall anything that happened after speaking with a mysterious man one night. He soon learns that strange beings called beom are wreaking havoc on the city. As destiny bri

Heim's StudyChapter 6

The Aether Grand Library, also called the Holy Land of Books. There, the journey to find the prophecy that foretells the end of the world begins..

Would you like to hold my hand?Chapter 3

Would you like to hold my hand? is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Manhwa series, english chapters have been translated and you can read them here. You are reading Would you like to hold my hand? chapters on www.mangabuddy.club, fast

Ganzi MonsterChapter 54

Cha Eun-ho, became a global influencer overnight with an app. however, it's not "cha eun-ho" that became famous but "ganzi-monster" itself, Cha Eun-ho must strive to win his crush's heart!Now, it's time to make Ganzi-monster into real-life!

Swallow An Immortal WorldChapter 150

Highsch00l Lunch DadChapter 51

The story of Kim JaeHan starts now! A dad who only has eyes for his daughter faces a sudden death. His mission is now to protect his daughter DaHyun from the 12 bullies by using his powerful character from webtoon drawing when he was once alive! As a

Hypnosis SchoolChapter 35

Recommended for 15 years and above audiences.

Accidental WarriorChapter 12

Eunha Cheon was just an ordinary teenage girl until she woke up one day and discovered that she was not Eunha Cheon anymore, but a witch named Blythe in a magical world. Fearful of prejudice and desirous of a quiet life, she hides the fact that she's

I Kill Zombies in WastelandChapter 14

"Eternal Night of Poison Rain" The event that ended Human Civilisation in a single day, humans escaped, and built a New City in the wilderness.The old city was covered in the sea of miasma, and it birthed new monsters The Scourge, commonly known as Z

Matchmaker Baby PrincessChapter 59

I've become the empress Amelia in the tragic novel!I thought that I would not be noticed by the male protagonist, my uncle, and the tyrant Tessa Illuminas even by mistake. But why is Aunt Lucinda, who struggled to raise me when I was younger, almost

Concentration of MaliceChapter 48

not found

Bowblade Spirit (old version)Chapter 19
ActionMartial ArtsWebtoon

The bow is a weapon that dominates everything in sight, even for targets hiding at distances too far for the eyes to see. Just imagine a weapon you cannot even see targeting your life. What could possibly be scarier than that? A training regime from

Machine EraChapter 23

Young-yi, a high school goalkeeper promising to lose his arm in a car accident, participates in a clinical trial of SC Bio and receives a medical transplant.Then one day the virus called "mechanism" spreads in the world, and unknown beings begin to c

The Cook's Hidden BlessingChapter 100

Rookie hospital cook Jungdong always wished he could do more for the patients who ate his food. But he never imagined the Roman goddess Ceres would answer his prayers, or that she'd name him her priest on earth! Now, Jungdong's noble new mission is t

How to Raise the Devil’s ChildChapter 70

This is a story of a "jack of all trades millionaire who hates a baby to death" & a "only good at babysitting woman" happen to meet each other and raise a baby together But wait, it turns out that the baby is actually a demon's child who will destroy

Ordinary HeroesChapter 23

An eccentric youngster, a volatile girl, and an ambitious demontheir very normal(?) standard adventure begins!

My Evil Doctor WifeChapter 67
Martial ArtsRomanceWebtoon

Clearly it was resistance she felt the first time they met, but gradually she got used to him being by her side without realizing it. He was like the God of Death in front of others, but to her, he was like a great warrior coming to her rescue whenev

My Harp GoddessChapter 184

Wendy was a blind girl with a composer dream since she was young. Fate brought her and a CEO whose heart was borrowed by another together, then a game of substitute began. Whoever falls for the other is doomed to lose. Perhaps it was a love game, yet

Became King After Being BittenChapter 33
ActionMartial ArtsSupernaturalWebtoon

After rebirth, the world has changed. The blood race has become the master of the world, and humans have completely accepted this life and are proud to be blood dependents, as the saying goes: humans who have not been sucked by the blood race are not

AletheiaChapter 21

He is a clone. He is a clone that wants to kill. When he awoke, the only words he remembers are, "If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha, If you meet the God, kill the God." His "older body" was killed mysteriously. Rumor says that his "older self"

The Little Master And The MaidChapter 43

Bocchan to Maid,mangabuddy.Com

Mr. Intrigue’s Love GameChapter 135

Mr. Intrigue's Love Game Comics Online. Love after marriage, a love game with this double-faced CEO.A scheming CEO versus a gentle celebrity, which one will you choose?Frustrated in love, she unexpectedly gets married in an incident. Her husband, who

TricksterChapter 8

The transfer student really shocked the whole class with his cheating trick! However, he also found something strange about their school. What's actually happening here?

The Definition of A Top StarChapter 5

"An acting prodigy gets another chance! Actor Jihoon Seo lost everything in a fire accident.But in a life full of what seemed like endless trouble, "Hello, fated one."?"Who are you, old man? A ghost?" Now with another chance, will the prodigy be able

Youngest Chef from the 3rd Rate HotelChapter 52

Kang Sunghoon, the youngest member of a 4 star hotel kitchen in Korea, has the ability to memorise different kinds of ingredients. However, as the youngest, he's still unable to escape dishwashing duty