How to Become a Dragon

Hapgyeok sikyeo juseyong, Habgyeog Sikyeojuseyong, Pass the Exam, Pass the Exam of Dragon, Pass the Test, Pass the Test of Dragon, มังกรตัวร้ายกับนายติวเตอร์, 拜託讓我成龍吧, 합격시켜주세용

Authors : eon

Status : ONGOING

Genres : Comedy , Fantasy , Historical , Slice of Life , Supernatural

Chapters: 112

Last update: 3 days ago

3.9 /5 (33 votes)

What should you do when a 1000-year-old imoogi named Bari suddenly appears in your apartment and demands you pay for the sins of your ancestors? Help him become a dragon, of course! Young Yoo's life is on the line as he teaches Bari the ins and outs of getting along with humans in order to prepare for the Nakdong River Dragon Exam. Will Young be able to help Bari pass the exam and become a full-fledged dragon? Original Webtoon Official English Translation Official Traditional Chinese Translation Official Thai Translation

How to Become a Dragon