I, the Sacrifice, Somehow Killed the Evil God

Ikenie ni Natta Ore ga Nazeka Jashin wo Horoboshite Shimatta Ken ; 生贄になった俺が、なぜか邪神を滅ぼしてしまった件

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Romance , Harem , Fantasy

Chapters: 4

Last update: 15 days ago


Elt sacrificed himself to the evil g** in place of his childhood friend. He was prepared to die in the face of the evil g**'s attack, and was supposed to meet his end...However, at that moment, his unique skill "Inventory" activates, and he finds himself turning the tables on the evil g**. Surviving, Elt sets off for his home village to inform his childhood friend of his safety, but on the way, he encounters a powerful monster walking through the foresthowever, as he prepares to avoid the confrontation, he spots a fainted girl right next to the creature! A royal welcome upon this world! The success fantasy starting with a sacrificial hero!