The Evil Consort Above an Evil King

Authors : Woerxueti

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Adventure , Manhua , Martial Arts , Romance , Full Color , Webtoons

Chapters: 51

Last update: a year ago

4.0 /5 (39 votes)

Hey adonis, I'm in a hurry, lend me your top! A girl removed an evil king's clothes and escaped right away when he was having martial arts practice. He was the almighty lord of the continent who received worship from millions peoplemysterious, noble, and withdrawn. While she was the king of modern assassins, she tried her best to avoid him as if he were a venomous snake but he was obsessed with her and turned himself into a vine to capture her. She was emotionless, evil, and ruthless; but nothing came before her in his heart and no one was allowed to insult her. He said, "I would consider forgiving those who insult me, but there's no mercy for those who insult her!"

The Evil Consort Above an Evil King