The Looks of Love: the heart has its reasons

The Heart Has Its Reasons, The Innocent Heart of a Child  , 爱情的样子:心之所向

Authors : Lù; Biān Zhāng Sān

Status : ONGOING

Genres : Drama , Romance

Chapters: 98

Last update: 9 days ago

4.5 /5 (273 votes)

Chi Cheng is an arrogant genius actor. Wanting to become the best male actor, he entered a theater to improve his acting. Unfortunately, in there, he met his most hateful rival, Lu Yang who attended the same university as him. And even worse, she saw him breaking up with his girlfriend, but misery loves company. As she was going home, she saw her fianc being all cozy with a colleague...Both of their relationships have a wound that's slowly breaking open, the breakup day is probably right around the corner......The Heart Has Its ReasonsWhat Love Looks Like: Heart Wants What It WantsThe Innocent Heart of a Child

The Looks of Love: the heart has its reasons