The Lost Children’s Desk in Another World

Status : ONGOING

Genres : Fantasy , Isekai , Monster , Monster Girls

Chapters: 6

Last update: 2 days ago

5.0 /5 (24 votes)

The Lost Children's Desk in Another World manga, , Isekai Maigo, Hogo shitemasuYoshino Makoto has just been refused on her 29th job application, her refusals are usually caused by her sometimes crippling anxiety and inability to properly communicate with others.On her way to her 30th job interview, she rushes and falls down the stairs, only to open her eyes to find herself underneath a bright sky.The next thing she knows, she's in another world and is soon working at a Lost Children's Center for all the strange and unique monsters and creatures this other world has to offer.Can this change in environment help her overcome her anxiety? And can she find a way back to her world, and even if she does, does she want to go back?

The Lost Children’s Desk in Another World